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By Shubham Lavania

The black armor machine gun frame quest of destiny 2 is given to the player right at the start of the machine gun frame. The destiny 2 black armory machine gun frame is one of the first expansions of the second year of the content.

There are some steps that the user has to follow to build the frame and track down the destiny 2 weapon core which is some of the best powerful enemies. The step to get access to the Volundr Forge and the advice on how to do that as soon as possible is mentioned below-

destiny 2 black armory
destiny 2 black armory

Every basic step of the destiny 2 black armory is mentioned below.

1. Visit the spider in the store and then enter the annex area of the tower.

2. Talk to Ada 1 and then get a weapon core from the destiny 2 stolen black armory crate.

3. Collect all the 25 compound ether fallen enemies and get the multikills and use a powerful weapon.

4. Defeat all the powerful enemies and then collect the radian seeds.

5. Return to Ada-1 and visit the forge.

Some of the steps require the previous steps to be completed initially and require the players to come to a specific place.

Where can one find the black armory crate ed?

The player has to move to the spider into the tangled shore and there the player finds the “Black Armory Badge” and from there the player gets access to the annex.

After this, the user has to head to the area of the tower and go to the west side to follow the waypoints and they will find the required door. The first step of the questline will be completed once the user talks to Ada-1. This step is divided into two different subparts which are-

black armory crate
black armory crate

Finding the black armory crate and then collecting the compound ether. The weapon cores us one of the most confusing parts of the EDZ and it is mentioned in the two areas which are the outskirts and the Gulch. The look for a special shielded with the ‘Forge saboteur’ which is surrounded in the name by the orbs and makes it stand out.

The message that comes up is that the “forge saboteur is defeated’ which comes up at the bottom of the screen. The black armory questline requires the user to search for a crate in the nearby area and the user needs to scan it to get the weapon core destiny 2.

After completing the previous step, the player needs to find the 25 compound ether which is comparatively easier, and the fallen enemies are killed.

Sometimes it is assumed that this step is to be completed in the EDZ bur a few public events of the Fallen can help in the completion of the step.

15 multi-kills and 50 hive kills are done using the power weapons after that and there are many different destinations but one of the easiest is the Mars Escalation protocol.

The weaves of enemies which this produces together bunch together and then a weapon like the Thunderlord helps the black armory machine gun frame quest.

destiny 2 basic machine gun frame
destiny 2 basic machine gun frame

Where are the Powerful enemies located in Destiny 2?

For the next step of the destiny 2 basic machine gun frame quest, the player has to defeat the 25 powerful enemies which are collectively called the yellow bar enemies, and are put in different groups like the bosses. The activities performed by these groups can be speeded up using the Leviathan raid.

Right at the start of the work, the 8 enemies work towards achieving the objective. One can try to complete this step solo and then return to orbit. Though this is a grind, it is faster than the other activities of the game.

The final step to find the enemies is to collect the Radiant seeds and then drop the powerful enemies and the same foes from the steps. These drops are uncommon and one has to kill more than 20 people. Visiting the Leviathan’s is the fastest way of completing this step and gives a handful of seeds to the player.

Once this is done, the player has to visit the Ada-1 and this will instruct them to visit the Volundr Forge in the EDZ. To do this the player has to locate it on the map and set it as an objective to go to the fastest point which is located nearest.

The player must not forget to pick up the stolen black armory crate edz as they leave. The encounter is very high powered is 600 power but the work can be made easier.

stolen black armory crate edz
stolen black armory crate edz

Which are some of the weapon core destiny 2 locations?

In the black armory machine gun frame quest, the first step is to head to the outskirts of the gulch area of the European dead zone and the player needs to look for the Forge Saboteur enemy. The player can recognize them by floating orbs around them.

This enemy army needs to be killed and there will be a ton of players who look to take down this army. Once the enemies are defeated the player needs to locate the chest and scan it entirely to claim the Weapon core item. Completing this step, the player can finish the section of the game.

How to get the weapon core edz in the frame quest?

The guardians can find the weapon core in one of the stolen black armory crates which are found in the Destiny 2 EDZ area. These crates can then bestow a weapon core for the basic machine gun frame and are the large black structures in the outskirts.

stolen black armory crates
stolen black armory crates

The destiny 2 players need to get the basic machine gun frame quest which gives the task to loot the crate. The black armory weapon core is not defended which means that it is up to the players to collect the core.

Once the weapon core is collected for the basic machine gun frame the player will empower it with the help of the 25 compound ether and many enemies are defeated in the Fallen faction. After this, the guardians will have to multi-kill and the players have to update the black armory.

What are the powerful enemies in the destiny 2 weapon core edz?

It has not been explicitly explained, the player needs to stay on the mars to kill the powerful enemies. In the desired location the player needs to complete the requirement to collect the radiant seeds from the dead yellow bars of the enemies. The enemies when dispatched, the player can go onto the back and receive the Radiant gun frame.


The basic machine gun frame destiny 2 quest is now available on PS 4, Xbox, and on the PC as well. It is associated with the annual pass and its associated content.

Though the black armory was the end of the game in 2018 it has been released again to access the Black Armory forges. The player needs to complete the questline until they get to speak to the Ada-1.

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