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Are you a fan of Dead by Daylight and have recently been facing errors? Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer horror game that is based on the survival of the player. This game is developed by Behavior Interactive and is an action horror game that is fun and is highly appreciated by gamers all around the world.

The gamers who love to be horrified by the interesting murder machines prefer playing this game. The Dead by Daylight has performed better in the past months and is available on various platforms like Xbox, Windows, PlayStation 4, Steam Android, and IOS.

The game has also been reported to pose certain errors like the dead by daylight won’t launch issue while playing the game on a personal computer, Steam, or any other platform.

The coming up of the dead by daylight launch error is very frustrating and the various errors like the server issues, cache error, license error that make the game unplayable are mentioned further in the article.

Some of the potential fixes for the game are also given but before trying out the fixes the user should ensure that their system meets the basic requirements to play the game without any bugs.

System Requirement

System Requirement
System Requirement

The game requires a Windows 10 or a higher version with the architecture *64 and an integrated mouse. The proper functioning of the game is ensured by using version 11 and a memory of 8 GB with a minimum video memory of 1 GB.

The Intel core processor or the AMD should be updated and have a compatible GeForce GTX 460 graphic card. Having these basic requirements ensure that the player has the best experience while playing the game and then the errors can be fixed by trying out certain troubleshooting solutions.

What Are The Common Dead By Daylight Crashes?

Dead by daylight crashing mid-game

Just like most PC games the gamers experience the crashes coming up randomly while playing the game after the credits screen. Some of the gamers have reported the crashes both during the start-up or during the launch of the game.

Even after installing the latest update, the players are experiencing crashes and losing their ranks. Therefore, if as a player one is frustrated because of the crashing of the game in between they can try out some of the most common fixes which are-

1.Updating the graphics driver

This solution is helpful when the graphic card being used is outdated and therefore the AMD or the Nvidia graphics need to be updated. This can be done either directly from the manufacturer’s website or the Microsoft website.

Driver Easy also helps to update the drivers automatically and if the issue still exists then the graphic drivers may be rolled back again to the older version.

2. Verifying the game files

If the above solution is not helpful then the user can try to check the integrity of some of the game files on the Steam application. To complete this process the player can right-click on the game and then go to the properties and then verify the integrity of the local files.

3. Disabling overlay

Sometimes if the dead by daylight crashing on startup issue does not go away by the above solutions, then it may be possible that the Steam overlay might be creating the problem.

To do so the user can go to the Steam application and then the game properties and then in the general tab option they can uncheck the enable community in-game. It is believed that by turning off the overlay option the user can fix the crashing problems.

4. Running the game as an administrator

Thus, the solution is the last resort if none of the above-mentioned solutions work. The game might require the user to give it administrative permissions to the executable files.

To do so they need to go to the game properties in Steam and then to the local files tab and a new option opens up. Then they can go to the compatibility tab and then run the program as an administrator.

Dead by daylight not responding

Dead by daylight not responding
Dead by daylight not responding

This is another one of the highly encountered errors that are reported by the gamers. The gamers have been experiencing this error frequently and this causes the low performance of the game.

This becomes irritating as the user is unable to play the Dead by Daylight game flawlessly. At times, many players have also reported that the dead by daylight has stopped working or is stuttering. This gets very irritating and the solution to this problem has been provided below-

1. Updating the GPU card

The user should make sure that they update the GPU card regularly.

2. Installing the latest version

The player can also install a new update of the game and then restart the application and check if it has been updated in the library.

If the error is still present then the player might run the game booster. The game booster is helpful in faster working and smoother game flow. It also optimizes the system for better functioning and the FPS rate gets better.

Dead by daylight wont start

This is also another commonly encountered error that is reported by many players of the game. This error comes up because of the conflict between the anti-cheat program and the game. This might cause an error while launching the game. There is a method to solve this error which is mentioned below-

1. Starting the fame from folder

To start the game from the folder the user needs to find the file and then run the game in the executable administrator code and then choose the option and right-click on it.

2. Verify the integrity

The game does not work if the integrity of the game cache is not verified. To do so the user needs to right-click on the library and choose the properties of the game. Then they can go to the local files tab and find the integrity of the game cache option and click on it.

This process may take a long time to complete and the player needs to be patient and wait for it to work.

Dbd error code 8014

Many gamers have been facing this security violation error code 8014 and this gets frustrating while playing the game. The error does not just come while playing it on the Xbox but even the PlayStation and PC users are facing the error. To resolve this error the user can-

Dbd error code 8014

1. The user can try and restart the device as some of the programs that are opened simultaneously might be causing the issue. A simple reboot of the device might work and resolve the error.

2. Another solution is to update the graphics drivers.

3. If the above-mentioned solutions don’t work the user can verify the integrity of the game files.

4. If none of the solutions work then the user might need to fix the error code 8014 by logging out of the account and then log back in. Then the player can relaunch the game.

5. Another probable solution can be to run the steam application as an administrator and this requires the device to perform certain functions and then access the game files. To run the game as an administrator the user can-

  • If Steam is tunning, then they can right-click on the icon and then choose the exit option.
  • Then they can right-click on the icon and choose the option of run as an administrator.
  • The user can then click on yes and check if the error has been resolved or not.

These are some of the most common Dead by Daylight errors and bugs that are faced by the players of the game and many fixes can work for the game. Another recently encountered error is dead by daylight error code 2 which can also be tried and solved by following the above-mentioned solutions.


The Dead by daylight is one of the greatest action-horror games and has a lot of positive reviews. If the errors or bugs like the ‘dead by daylight won’t launch’ are faced then the solutions that are mentioned can be tried out.

If even after following the solutions the error exists the user can play the game by running it on the PC repair tool and then the internal PC issues start resolving themselves.


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