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Tell me the best thing that NFS could bring? If it’s creating your one-of-a-kind car with just using the scrap. Then we have an outrageous YES to this question. As confirmed by the popular car racing game franchise Need for Speed Payback that they are adding a new type of car collection which we will be calling the Derelicts.

Derelicts will be those cars that will be built and can be modified using nothing but the scrap, and what’s interesting with this is its upgrade to stock and ultimately to a supercar.

How to start a Derelict
How to start a Derelict

But, How to start a Derelict?

To maintain the excitement of the game this isn’t going to be so easy. To start any Derelict project, the first thing you have to do is to find a chassis.

The time you find a chassis you’ll notice that Derelict is waiting in your garage. Asking you to place the parts needed to make it complete with a new look.

Let us make this also clear, in case you don’t have an open slot free in your garage then NFS will prompt you to complete or cancel the existing project. This will free up space for the Derelict or can also acquire an additional garage.

Excited For More? Great, this guide is for you.

Get Set On The Track! Here we go with the very first thing that you should know about Derelict-

Need For Speed Payback Derelict

Locations Guide

If you are in search of NFS Payback Derelict locations then we can give your eyes a spark by listing out all the five Derelict cars whose parts you can find in the scrap and can build them in your Need for Speed Payback.

To Be Honest! Any gamer can’t deny that these Derelicts cars listed in your NFS Payback are the best, and most amazing cars of the game in all aspects.

To know every info regarding these cars including their Locations go on rolling your eyes. It’s even true that finding these cars is not so easy as NFS confirmed they are somewhat like hidden and abandoned cars.

NFS Payback Derelict locations
NFS Payback Derelict locations

But we know the trick behind this and will try our best to give as much detail as possible. Curiosity is good but struggling much longer in searching is not that good.

So, here is the list of all five Need For Speed Payback Derelict cars with their Locations to give you an easy reach-

According to many NFS players, the best out of all five is the Ford Mustang 1965 Derelict Car, and probably it might be your favorite too. Right?

If that so then get ready to uncover everything about this amazing car-

Need For Speed Payback Derelict Mustang 1965 Edition-

After upgrading your Mustang from its stock parts it’s gonna be the best Need for Speed Payback Derelict Car, as the 1965 Ford Mustang. The1965 Mustang is undoubtedly one of the pretty sweet cars with a stunning look that will easily take your heart.

But to have this in your garage you’ll need to acquire this car first. And this you can do only by taking part in the NFS Payback Graveyard Shift events. To have a clear understanding regarding its unlocking, have a detail go through below-

Unlock Your 1965 Ford Mustang

To unlock your Ford you have to first unlock the maps that will guide you to find the car parts. These car parts when assembled will bring your 1965 Ford Mustang.

If you have made up your mind to anyhow bring this car in your garage then tighten your grip on the accelerator and complete all the Graveyard Shift races by defeating the Graveyard Shift boss in the final one.

The boss comes with an important role to point or hint you towards the chassis. And this chassis is needed for the 1965 Ford Mustang Derelict.

Unlock Your 1965 Ford Mustang
Unlock Your 1965 Ford Mustang

Note- After you find this chassis you’ll be shown pictures that hint you at pointing the locations on the map for the four parts of your 1965 Mustang Derelict car.

Yes, the MAP. We know many questions might have started popping up in your mind, No Worries! Everything about the-

Need For Speed Payback Derelict Map Is Here

The map gives you the rough location if you are a pro then understanding this map and finding the chassis wouldn’t be a tough job for you.

The map will point to the four clues that you need for your Derelict cars. Each time it will point to a location on the map and on reaching that location you can find another Derelict car part, Interesting, Right? The new concept is a great BOOM by NFS.

That’s it? No, the Map isn’t limited to this as the clues never show any marker on the map, which gives a clear idea about the direction irrespective of any path you choose.

But the amazing part is that when you reach somewhere close to the part there pops an icon just above the part for easy understanding.

Note- if you are with enabled sound then you’ll hear a proximity beep indicating the part is close somewhere.

Finding The Parts

To give you the best gaming experience NFS sometimes changes the way you find a part. Where it gets as simple as driving up to it, and in some cases, it needs to be figured out how you could be taking your car to the marked spot where the Derelict car part is located.

Still, the normal one is always boring and finding a ramp to jump over an obstacle to achieving the target is just a WOW thing.

Hope everything is clear to you know, so, get set with full throttle and let your wheel change into burning rings. NFS with Derelict is Live!

Final Words

NFS is one of the best car racing games so far. With adding new Derelict cars in Payback the game took the excitement a step higher. We listed out almost everything that you must be eager to know about this Derelict in our guide.

The exact location or the events will help you find your favorite car parts. Do refer to the video links added to know how your car is going to look.


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