Endless space 2 cheats

Top Tricks To Play With Endless Space 2 Cheats


By Aniket Jain

Endless Space 2 is the sequel to endless space. Endless Space was released in 2012 while Endless Space 2 has launched in 2017. The game is based on a turn-based strategy inspired by science 4X fiction developed by Amplitude Studios. You can use the endless space 2 cheats to make it easier.

Endless Space 2 comes with 9 major fractions. Each of those factions has its asymmetrical gameplay, storyline and spaceship, heroes, and technologies. Apply your technologies, and choose their destiny by encountering a new life.

In this game, you need to arm yourself with the right technology, and carefully design yourself with the right battle plan. These will help you to overcome the enemies in the same game.

How To Play Endless Space 2

If you are wondering about how to play endless space 2 and how do I access debug menu, then follow the below tips:

Endless space 2 cheats
Endless space 2 cheats
  • First, you need to choose the imperial, Hotario, and Sophon. Humans can facilitate building and develop new technologies. The Sophos or scientists can provide you bonuses by discovering anything first. The Hotario or gene hunter can import genes and merge themselves with others.
  • Your initial turn in the game should be to find a habitable planet and investing anomalies. The planet should be rich with various resources. In that case, sending probes to discover constellations can be a good idea.
  • You can find some planets as the home of anomalies. Choose them as they will help you to colonize the place sooner.
  • Adapting different technologies will be the fastest way to win the game. In case of confused pirates and hostile factions, you should invest more time in industry and weapon modules. To glorify your civilizations, you should invest in upgrading engines and discovering new access for travel. If you are having a hard time finding habitable planets and a vicious population, then you should look for upgrading terraforming technology and the happiness of the population.
  • Opting out for the same party more often will surely reward you. Following through with the same option, you can sort the priorities at the very start of the game.
  • You can earn command points by installing new modules of the game and play hiring heroes. Those command points will be useful to discover new hip classes and improve the fleet.
  • Each of the heroes has specialized skills. You should assign the task to one who has specialization in that skill. The more experience they will have the more XP will be added to their performance. Dust of payment can boost the ship instantly. This is expensive, but remembers they are the valuable assets of your game.
  • Try to earn more strategic resources. This boosts the ships and production of ships. Luxury resources boost up the system development and upgrade the number of citizens. The luxury resources also help in bringing happiness to the unhappy population.
Endless space 2 cheats
Endless space 2 cheats

How To Open Debug Menu In Endless Space 2

To get access to the debug menu in endless space 2, you need to use the cheat codes. The game has numerous cheat codes and console commands for use. These codes will help you to activate the debugging mode in the game. The God cursor mode allows you to change the stats of the game. So, let’s go of those cheat codes or console commands in the game.

  • Shift+F1 opens the whole debug menu in front of you.
  • Shift+F2helps you to access the resource bar.
  • Shift+F3 reveals the complete trap for your game.
  • G Key activates the God cursor, and you can find various resources in the list. Those resources include ships, gauges, dials, and other items around you. Using those, you can change the effects of the resources you want to interact with.

Top Ways To Use The Cheat Codes And Console Commands

  • Click on the steam game library from the right side of the game page.
  • Open the properties tab and go to the general tab under properties.
  • Write enablemoddingtools in the launch option.
  • The debug mode is on now, and you can enjoy its core features.
  • Now open the game and use the above-mentioned console commands.

Hope, now you know almost everything about the Endless Space 2 game playing. So, download the version on your PC and give your leisure time a quality option.


Endless space 2 cheats
Endless space 2 cheats

Q: Is endless space 2 worthwhile?

The endless space 2 is a good game to play. Though, the 4X strategy lifecycle is opening in the game within 6 months. You will surely enjoy the game with its latest features.

Q: Is endless space 2 hard?

The endless space 2 is overwhelming rather than difficult. You will surely love it with its features. If you know how to play endless space, before, it might seem confusing to you.

Q: How long does endless space 2 last?

It depends on the experience of the gamers. If you are new, the first 3-4 hours might seem to you like junk time. So, take plenty of time in your hand to try on this game.

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