Fortnite’s No Build Mode Set To Become Permanent: According To Dataminers

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We all know how Fortnite took the world by storm back in 2017. Players could traverse an open map, build up their weapons and resources, buy skins in the Fortnite Item Shop, and fight opponents to see who will be the last man standing.

Suffice it to say, the formula has stayed solid since release – why should Epic fix something that isn’t broken? Over the last few chapters and seasons, we’ve seen massive changes to Fortnite’s story and map.

But people certainly didn’t expect the battle royale to make such a monumental shift by removing the building mechanic, a staple in Fortnite. For so long, building a base to defend from the enemy fire has been the bread and butter of Fortnite’s gameplay.

It left many hardcore fans confused about why it left for Chapter 3, Season 2. Meanwhile, others who moved on from the battle royale saw this as an opportunity to return to a game that didn’t require incredible building skills and reaction time to be considered “good” at it.

No Build Mode Receives Positive Reception

Since Fortnite stripped away building from the battle royale mode, players have slowly adapted to this new gameplay style. Given how much praise Epic has received from the community and former Fortnite streamers, this could push the “No Build” mode to be a permanent addition to the game.

Epic Games first dropped the news about the removal during Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2’s launch. At first, hardcore fans were outraged that they had to adjust to the new meta; however, it also became beneficial for the company. Long-time players took quite a bit of time adjusting, but it led to casual Fortnite account owners coming back to try out the less intimidating mode.

Even the “queen of Twitch” Pokimane steamed Fortnite together with her buddies recently after a long hiatus from the game. She mentioned that the new game mode would hopefully stick around, even for a little while.

The well-known streamer also expressed her enthusiasm for how fun the current meta in Fortnite is. If the queen of Twitch herself thinks that no building in Fortnite is fun, then it’s safe to say that most other players who quit the game share (more or less) the same thoughts.

Digging Up the Dirt

According to Fortnite leaker Hypex and TweaBR, Epic Games plans to keep Fortnite’s “No Build” mode as an LTM. There are options for players to enter queues for Solo, Duo, and Trio matchmaking and turn off the building.

Fortnite’s No Build mode is currently listed as a limited-time feature, but let’s not forget that plenty of other limited-time modes became a permanent part of the game. Take “Team Rumble,” for example, a mode that features two teams of 16 gamers working to be the first team to reach a certain number of target eliminations.

Team Rumble was initially listed as a temporary addition, but it lasted for a year in Fortnite. This could mean that Fortnite’s “No Build” mode could become a permanent feature.

Keeping building optional would help Fortnite grow its current player base, and it would even lead to some players ditching Fortnite’s competitors like Warzone and Apex Legends.

As for the fans who’ve played the game since its infant days that want the traditional style of Fortnite to stay, they could still play it how they want it to be. Currently, the “No Build” mode appears to be a huge hit, with players reporting server queues of over an hour.

Fortnite’s Strength

Most battle royale video games don’t have the building mechanic integrated – we could argue that Fortnite was the first to do it. Building separates Fortnite from the other competition, so people were skeptical when the “No Build” mode was announced. Removing such a central element of the game is a high-risk move and could be the demise of the most-played battle royale game.

Then again, the main reason why Fortnite has thrived and stayed relevant for years is due to its strength to reinvent. You could argue that Fortnite is the same as Warzone, Apex Legends, or PUBG since they all belong to the same genre, yet Fortnite offers a unique experience that can’t be replicated. These days, no one would raise an eyebrow if Fortnite were to have anime characters, Marvel superheroes, or real-life pop stars in the Fortnite Item Shop.

All in All

Many people are already expressing their hope that a no-build mode of some kind would become an indefinite part of Fortnite. Should the leaks come to fruition, Epic can expect an influx of new Fortnite accounts to join the fray.

What do you think of the new game mode? Is it something you’d like to be part of Fortnite permanently or temporarily? Let us know down below!

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