How To Get Lubrae's Ruin Destiny 2

How To Get Lubrae’s Ruin Destiny 2?


By Aniket Jain

Players can grab the weapon if they want, but only while they have already defeated the very last boss in the game. You can obtain Lubrae’s Ruin as a reward from one fight in VoD, and the term stands for Vow of the Disciple (VoD) raid.

It is the only other legendary variant available in Destiny 2. Therefore, you can’t be sure it will remain a famous weapon.

Lubrae’s Ruin gets a chance to drop only once during VoD compared to other weapons from this raid. For instance, Destiny 2’s ‘Deliverance’ Kinetic Fusion Rifle is one of them.

You should know that using other weapons might fall anywhere from two to three times during VoD. You can not firm the weapon in the traditional sense.

Instead, players can buy rolls of this weapon from the last box in the Void of Despair after defeating the monster for ‘Spoils of Conquest.’

You can obtain it via completing raid encounters. Thus, you can open the secret chests in raids. In this case, players must require a bit of luck to drop Lubrae’s Ruin from the last raid encounter.

Besides, they need the luck to drop the weapon from secret chests. In addition, you can get these available to buy from the final raid chest.

Compared to other legendary glaives available in Destiny 2, Lubrae’s Ruin can roll with specific qualities. But its rival legendary ‘Enigma’ glaive does not have.

Moreover, Lubrae’s Ruin comes with a solar glaive that is handy in Nightfall’s and Lost Sectors with the Match Game modifier and Solar shielded foes.

The weapon can roll with an exclusive glaive characteristic called “Immovable Object.” It can provide additional weapon energy to players only who are with their shields raised while an enemy projectile hits them. As a result, players can block incoming fire for a long time if they don’t move during that time.

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The Lubrae’s Ruin God Roll In Destiny 2

Glaive Haft- Lightweight Emitter.

Magazine- Light Mag, Swap Mag, or Alloy Mag.

Trait 1 – Grave Robber or Immovable Object.

Trait 2 – Vorpal Weapon, Swashbuckler, or Surrounded.

As it is a formidable weapon, you can craft it with the help of the revamped system in Destiny 2. If a player has extracted the weapon pattern successfully five times, he will get the associated weapon at the crafting table.

When a player wants to construct weapons with Deep sight Reconnaissance, he must get the ability through weapon drops that already have it.

You can acquire a raid weapon having Deep sight Reconstancy in the raid’s final chest for the cost of twenty Spoils of Conquest each week.


1. Where is Lubrae’s ruin?

It can drop only from a single encounter in the Vow of the Disciple (VoD) raid. As it is the only other legendary glaive in Destiny 2, it can be a sought-after weapon. But as a player, you can get a chance of snagging this weapon after beating VoDs’ final boss encounter.

2 . Is Lubrae’s ruin good?

You can go with Steady Hands if you are searching for a fast-paced, shoot-and-swap playstyle. If you get a projectile to kill with Lubrae’s Ruin, it can boost handling for all weapons for a small duration, though. It indicates that it enables you to get a kill with it. Moreover, it allows you to swap to something else.

3. What is Lubraes ruin?

It is a Legendary Glaive in The Witch Queen Expansion. You can acquire it from the Vow of the Disciple raid, mainly the final encounter. Hence, you should know that this one was the signature weapon of the First Disciple, Rhulk.

4. How do you get the edge of intent in Destiny 2?

You can obtain the Edge of Intent by completing the REPORT: REVERSE-LURE Quest from the Evidence Board.

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