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The Legend of Zelda has a link awakening walkthrough which is a guide for the Nintendo Switch which has a remake of the link’s awakening. Link’s awakening walkthrough is a run-through of the entire game and includes all the strategies for the bosses and dungeons. It is a collection of all the heart pieces, seashells, and upgrades that help one entirely through the game.

What Is Link’s Awakening DX Walkthrough?

What is link's awakening dx walkthrough
What is link’s awakening dx walkthrough

The link’s Awakening DX is a re-released version of the game that has more secrets than the old game. A new hidden dungeon, treasure chests that have different contents, and everything which is in color.

For the people who have played the fellow switch adventure Breath of the wild and the structure of the link in the blast to the Lord of Zelda’s past. It is not an open world but it is not straightforward and the game won’t explicitly tell where to go or what items to collect but they do need progress.

It also encourages the exploration of the player while they go through the optional collectibles like the Heart pieces and the seashells and the side-quests like the trading sequence.

Zelda link’s awakening walkthrough

Zelda link’s awakening starts with the player recovering the prized adventure possessions like the sword and the shield. To get to that level the player needs to travel to Toronto shores.

To get the shield in the walkthrough the first order of business is to talk to Marlin to the right of the room after waking up to get the shield back.

They are free to explore the mabe village and though nothing is required there are a few points of interest and the player might want to scope out before leaving for the beach. Many different online websites provide a guide to Zelda’s link awakening.

Zelda link’s awakening guide

The link’s awakening walkthrough switch involves all the parts of the Kolonhit island from the shores to the Tal Tal heights. All the dungeons are found along the way and this walkthrough is the one in which the player has to find the piece of the heart.

Link is on the journey to explore the dungeons and collect the musical instruments which are required to awaken the wind fish and the wish to be granted. Many different links have different specific details that the player needs to know while finishing the quest.

What is link’s awakening turtle rock?

What is link's awakening turtle rock
What is link’s awakening turtle rock

The turtle rock dungeon walkthrough has the tips, strategies, and instructions mentioned. Link is barreled into turtle rock and faced with an enemy that is a bit like a demon called a vire. Link uses a boomerang to combat the demon and then heads toward the left.

 In the next room, Link is reflected the Beamos laser and then causes the door to open up and found a blue Hinox box. The boomerang came in handy and allowed the links to defeat it with relative ease.

Towards the forward contraption, space is filled and as the path gets completed a Red rupee appears which is to be claimed and the south path is to be followed. A chest catches Link’s eye and he jumps the gap and earns 50 rupees.

The turtle rock link’s awakening also has certain objects that need to be collected within it like the turtle rock compass. A gravitational pull is tugged on the link but he has to react very fast and turn round the corner. Then he has to dash into the purple blob with the pegasus boots and then he frees himself to open the chest and take the compass.

Then returning towards the north, a spark and vire are found which are killed using a boomerang and a small key is attained as a prize. For the dungeon map, backtrace towards the first room and then take the weird-looking contraption with lava. This is then pushed to the north and then left behind the cracked wall.

When link notices a crack in the wall, he made a left turn and then went through the opening. He struck the crystal and then it turned orange and then all the attention is shifted to the cracked wall. It is broken through a bomb and then directed to fill the gap up. A small key dolls when the ledge is filled from the opposite direction which is to be collected.

As soon as the link picks up the key and leaves, a narrow path to the left is to be followed and a room filled with lava appears, Jumping over the obstacles and going up the stairs using the Hookshot to get the treasure chest. A secret medicine that is put away is collected and the items which are floating here and are good to be stocked up.

How To Clear Link’s Awakening Eagle Tower?

On entering the eagle’s tower, the player is equipped with a boomerang and a roc’s feather and made his way to the right and then jumped over some obstacles. After doing so, link found a locked door at the far end of the hallway and defeated the enemy to find a small key.

The door to the right is opened with the new jet and then a heavy ball is found on the platform. He brought the thing with him and ascended the stairs and picked the ball and threw it to the left. He pulled the lever to open the blocks and picked the ball to bring it with him and used it to destroy the central pillar.

How to clear link's awakening eagle tower
How to clear link’s awakening eagle tower

The second pillar is also destroyed which is located towards the right of the blue tiles and then a crystal is stuck which turns orange. The blue tiles have blocked the way before and left the iron ball. The destruction happens and the purpose is served.

A dungeon map can also be achieved in the room located on the north with the two knight chess pieces and an anti-fairy. The pest is easily dispatched using a boomerang and all the attention is paid to the chest pieces.

What Is The Link’s Awakening Face Shrine?

When the link entered he moved towards the left and then encountered new wizard-like enemies called the Wizzrobes. He found his sword and then quickly went and hit the demos with his boomerang. He defeated them as he opened the door and happily opened the chest there and gained 50 rupees.

The golden elephant statue could not be held now and he continued to walk towards the left. He reached the demons with his boomerang and then made a quick work of them causing a shrine that contained the face shrine map to appear.

In level two of the face shrine, the link enters a blue switch room and defeats the enemies. He took the right path and then stops when he sees an orange tile. He threw the boomerang at the switch and then activates the cracked wall.

Another room was revealed and then the green slimy enemies were defeated. He ignored the demons and moved towards one side. He ran up towards the treasure chest and then opened it to gain the level 2 power bracelet and then he was able to lift the elephant statue and equipped a bottle and broke a jar.

The link’s awakening level 2 also has a silver rupee quest which was found in the back of the room with the crystal and switches. As link was able to live the elephants then, he picked up the one and threw it at the door to break it. He opened the treasure chest and found a 100 rupees note.

The face shrine dungeon map was found in the switch room where the link had to stand on a tile and then throw the boomerang towards the orange tiles. The door on the left side was locked and a few jars had to be broken. This opened the door and the link went through.

He bypassed the enemies in the next room and then alone treasure chest was found in which the stone beak was contained. He returned to the left and then grabbed a pot and threw it at the door. He went through the door towards the north and then found a chest and a compass.

What is the link's awakening face shrine
What is the link’s awakening face shrine

The next northward door and pot were broken and then he collected the silver rupee and ascended towards the stairs. He found himself next to the chest a secret seashell and then threw the horse-shaped chess pieces into the spaces. He recalled the knight chess pieces and then threw them and then played Manbo’s mambo to return to the entrance.

What are the different items in link’s awakening catfish maw?

There are many different items like Hookshot, wind marimba, ocarina, and the bow in the catfish maw. For the compass link entered the catfish maw and was locked into the room along with the statues and keese. The bats were defeated and then with the creatures, they continued to move towards the left.

Link’s awakening key cavern

The link’s awakening in the key cavern happened when he promptly defeated the enemies who awaited him and then the chest dropped to the floor. Inside it, the first small key was found, and then to progress to the right path, the link had to sime immediately. He defeated the demons and unlocked the door causing a chest to appear.

Link's awakening key cavern
Link’s awakening key cavern

He did not open the chest and made it to a dead end with a stairwell. He descended into the room of the four locked doors and then opened them in a clockwise pattern. Behind the first door, he defeated the enemies and picked up the key that fell.

He remembered the colored blocks and ascended to the stairs to find his path and found that the chest was unblocked. Inside it, he found the stone beak.


The legend of Zelda link’s awakening walkthrough is an extension of the previous version and is being played a lot recently. The link’s awakening walkthrough has a lot of sub-quests in it and the players can find a lot of different guides for the same.


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