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Valorant Harbor’s New Agent: Features, Specifications           


By Aniket Jain

As the game’s roster expands once again in Episode 5, Harbor, the following new Agent for Valorant, has been committed. Here is everything you need to know about Harbor, including a list of the new character’s skills and the date of his release.

As Harbor appears prepared to join the battle, it’s almost time for Valorant’s roster to expand once more.

There hasn’t been much time for players to celebrate their accomplishments because so many new characters have been revealed since the game’s formal launch on June 2, 2020.

The most recent arrival was Fade, a Radiant Initiator, but she won’t hold that title for long because Agent 21, now known as Harbor, is scheduled to join the battle in the very near future.

When Will Harbor Release?

new valorant agent

On October 18, 2022, the newest Agent, Harbor, will probably debut along with the upcoming Act update (Episode 5 Act 3).

What kind of agent is Harbor going to be?

Six Duelists, five Initiators, four Sentinels, and four Controllers are present, with the most recent four Agents falling within the first three categories. Astra, who was last made available in Patch 2.04 on March 2, 2021, will be replaced by Harbor as Controller moving forward.

We can infer from the teaser image, the blog post’s use of phrases like “blue ocean of opportunity,” “We’ve let this soak long enough,” and “I don’t want to flood you,” as well as the recently released image of Harbor, that Harbor will have a strong affinity for or connection to water.

She also appears to have the ability to block off sites with a wall of water while deflecting projectiles, much like Astra Ultimate does.

Another tease on Valorant’s Twitter page appears to allude to Harbor’s alleged distinctive ability, “Bubble,” with a clip of a device being launched from a motorcycle. The motorcycle and bubble-shaped water wall featured in the most recent teaser image add credence to the notion.

On the Valorant YouTube channel, a brand-new Harbor trailer has been posted. It shows off many of Harbor’s new skills in a stylish, cinematic way, like the bubble sphere in the illustration below.

Harbor virtue-enhancing skills in Valorant.

New Valorant Agent

Harbor is able to have a variety of effects on a round thanks to the old technology he uses to successfully manipulate the water to his whim. He has a lot of abilities, including the ability to slow adversaries with powerful water blasts or obscure enemy sight lines. Here is a detailed look of his gear.

Make a water wall before a high tide (E). FIRE drives water forward along the ground. HOLD FIRE to generate a wall in its route and command the water to move through the world in the direction of your crosshair. Press ALT FIRE while bending to halt the water in its tracks. Players that are hit slouch.

Cove (Q): CONFIGURE a water sphere as a defense. to start a FIRE. Use ALT FIRE to throw underhandedly. Construct a water shield that can stop bullets as soon as you touch the ground.

Cascade (C): SET UP an ocean wave. FIRE causes the wave to advance while smashing over walls. RE-USE to halt the wave’s progression. Hit players slow down.

Calculation (X): Maximize the artifact’s potential by equipping it. FIRE to start a geyser pool below ground. Attacks from geysers are frequently launched at nearby hostile players. When an opponent strikes a player, they become CONCUSSED.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who joined Valorant as the first?
The first agent to make an appearance after the game’s full release was the German scientist Killjoy, who was added in patch 1.05 in August 2020.

2. Name the most courageous agents.
The most effective Valor agents are:

  • Yoru.
  • Phoenix.
  • Brimstone.
  • Chamber. 
  • Breach. 
  • Cypher. 
  • Reyna.

3. Will there be a new agent in Valorant 2022?
Next up for Valorant is an Indian agent, and the company teases a riot in its September 2022 State of Agents. Indians will be the next Valorant agent, according to developer Riot Games! About Valorant’s upcoming new agent, a controller from India, Riot Games dropped hints.

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