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By Aniket Jain

Outward is an “Open world”, “fantasy”,” role-playing” video game. Quebecois studio Nine Dots developed this video game. Deep Silver published the game. It is a multi-player outward trainers game that can be played both online or locally by means of split-screen. This game basically put emphasis on survival. The players should act as a commoner apart from a hero.

The designer and the director of the game is Guillaume Boucher Vidal. It is one of the role-playing, action games. It is a type of survival game based on several parameters like hunger, fatigue, warmth, and thirst. As per the rule of the game, if any player’s health deteriorates due to indigestion, cold, they lost the battle. Due to this, they have to suffer a lot and are imprisoned.

The release date of the game is 26th March 2019. The various platforms where the game can be played are Microsoft Windows, Play Station 4, Xbox 1.

Outward Console Commands

outward trainers consist of a debug menu, which is a program in PC, which helps the users to manipulate the internal state of the game. By this, the users can easily add or remove any elements from the game.

The method of installation and removal are-

  • Users need to create a blank Notepad file.
  • The file is called DEBUG.txt
  • The file should be saved to the Outward_Data folder, which already exists in the computer.
  • In order to remove, the file DEBUG.txt file should be deleted.
outward trainers

The following table displays all the outward controls that motivate the game and several functions.

F1Menu for Item Spawn.
F2Provides various features for the gameplay.
F3It helps in enabling and disabling skills.
F4Provides several search options.
Numpad 1Helps in slowing down the game.
Numpad 4Helps in killing the players in the game.
Numpad 6Enhance status effect
Numpad 7Disables status effects.
Numpad 8Fulfill the needs of the players.
Numpad 9Identifies the damage of the players.
Left Ctrl+ Left Alt+ SHelps to save the environment.
Left Ctrl+ Left Alt+ LHelps to skip the option of environment.
Left Alt+ Page UpHelps to develop graphic settings.
Left Alt+ Page DownMoves to previously created graphic settings.
F12Users can take screenshots.
Left Shift + HAble to hide User Interface.
Left Shift + OUsers can open Graphical User Interface for the purpose of the game.
Left Alt+ Numpad DividePresents all debug Info.

Outward Builds

Outward builds mean the skills, quests, desires, and items that the players need or obtained to develop their characters. It is the resource for the players and they can share their ideas, skills, abilities with other community members.

Here is the list of several outward builds

Dancing HuntressBloody BerserkerDoom Slayer
Hex KnightEthereal MoralistScourge Hunter
Truth SeekerNight CrawlerDream Difter

Outward Rune Magic Combos

Outward Rune Magic is magic where four runes are utilized in different combinations to obtain a powerful result.

The four rune magic combos are as follows-

  1. Teacher– Rune magic techniques are acquired from “Flase” in “Berg”.
  2. Lexicon– It is one type of skill in outward, which is passive in nature. Lexicon is used to enhance the rune magic. Rune magic requires magical sword named as “Great Runic Blade”.
  3. Rune– The four pillars or skills of rune magic are denoted by colours. The colours are Red, Purple, Blue, and Green. The skills are advanced in nature and are combined with other skills for strong output.
  4. Rune Spells– It depends on four possible combinations-
Blue+ Purple = Runic ProtectionIt is a skill that provides positive vibes to the players, and it is active for 180 seconds.
Red+ Purple= Runic BladeIt provides the players magical one-handed sword.
Green+ Blue= Runic LanternIt provides the players magical floating lantern, and it is active for 300 seconds.
Red+ Green= Runic TrapThe players create a magical trap for the opponent.

Outward Factions

In outward there are four major factions. The players need to join the factions to complete the game. After completing one faction, the players can move to another to win rewards. For joining different factions, the users need to create multiple new characters.

Every faction has new locations and items to play. Before joining the factions, the users should be aware of the conditions assigned to them.

The four major factions are-

  1. The Blue Chamber, formed by small clans but preserve the values, importance of the family.
  2. The Heroic Kingdom, a new power emerged from the Blue Chamber. The new power emerged in order to free the population from severe crisis of their lives.
  3. The Holy Mission of Elatt is a religious power that enhances the potentiality of the members to protect and save the loved ones.
  4. The Sorobor Academy, the highest authority that provides knowledge and resources to the players.

There are several Minor factions for small groups and tribes. Their choose of factions depend on the game play techniques they follow. Minor factions are independent in nature and do not depend on any aspects of the Major factions.

outward trainers

The minor factions are as follows-

  • Sirocco.
  • The Ash Giants.
  • Cabal of Wind.
  • The Sand Corosairs.
  • The Vendavel.
  • The Kazite.

Outward Crafting

  1. Outward crafting is an important gameplay technique.
  2. With the help of this technique the players are able to procure several necessary items like foods, drinks, equipments.
  3. To craft different items, players can either select some known recipe or can create manually a new recipe by trial and error method.
  4. This can be done only by keeping the recipe idea in mind before execution.
  5. For crafting any items related to survival does not need any additional time or any secret place.
  6. Some special crafting like cooking, alchemy need separate place for its full execution.

Outward Alchemy

Alchemy in Outward is a gameplay technique to produce curatives and various magical items. It also includes the production of potions, which can increase the energy level and provide positive effects. Alchemy kit is one of the movable items used in Outward.

Here is the list that shows the ingredients of an alchemy kit

Gravel Beetle Blood mushroom water1x Life potion.
Coralhorn Antler Woolshroom1x life potion
Phytosaur Horn Marshmelon1x Life Potion
Greasy FernGreat life potion
Seaweed Rancid water Liquid corruption1x Horror’s Potion

Outward Skill Trainers

Trainers provide both active and passive abilities to the players. The trainers enhance active skill which includes several skill combinations. Basic skill helps to develop self potentiality and new effects of the gameplay. Varieties of skills are combined to head towards better achievement in the game.

The trainers teach the players varieties of outward skills necessary for the players.

  • Skills of Hunting.
  • Rune Magic.
  • Wind Magic.
  • Weapon skill.
  • Push Kick.
  • Dragger Slash.

Is Outward A Good Game?

The outward game has no role to play outside its arena. If users want to fully indulge themselves in the outward game then the game is good for them, but outside the game, the users will not get any dignity. The music of the game is very charming. The game needs patience and is very interesting as it focuses on different refreshing aspects.

The game provides enough opportunity for developing all sorts of possibilities among the players to face difficult situations. This enhances the level of confidence and the players can fight up to their full capacity.

The main theme of the game is Survival Of The Fittest.

Outward Cheats

In order to enable cheats outward, the users have to follow certain steps-

Step 1– the users should open Outward_Data Folder.

C:/Program Files/ Stream/ streamapps/common/ outward/ outward_Data.

Step 2- An empty text file named DEBUG.txt should be added.

Step 3– The outward game is opened.

Step 4- The cheats are enabled and the users start playing.

What Is The Goal In Outward?

Outward is an ambitious and dynamic game. The following are the major goals of the outward game-

  • The players of the game should do different tasks rather than repeating any tasks.
  • The players visit various areas and follow the stories they will explore.
  • The main objective of the outward game is cooperation among the players and survival of the fittest.
  • No weak players have the scope to play.
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Is Outward Available On PC?

Outward is available on “Oculus Quest”, but the developers are trying to imbibe the game elements to PC.

On PC graphics are a major barrier but still, the game can be played.

The game allows the players to enjoy various multi-player modes both online and on split-screen.

It put stress on the survival of the gamer and therefore incorporates different elements of survival.

How Long Is A Day In Outward?

  1. The game time of outward is 24 times faster than the real life.
  2. The time in outward game as considered as- one day of the game is similar to one hour of real life and one hour of the game time is two and a half minutes of the real life.
  3. Within this time schedule the players have to complete several quests and levels to move forward.
  4. In outward daytime is from 5am to 9.59pm.
  5. The night time starts from 10pm to 4.59am.
  6. Individual adventure time is for 5 days.
  7. The players need time of 2 to 3 days to explore any particular regions.

Outward Cheat Engine

In outward, several cheats have been made available by the developers. In case if cheat trainers are not available, then it is suggested that a cheat engine should be downloaded. Cheat engines are very essential for multi-player games like outward. No virus is present in the cheat engine, so it is very safe to download. Outward cheats include debugging menu, which is useful for the game either to introduce or remove any characters.

Outward Trainer Fling

The trainers in the outward game provide a lot of training for the players. The following list shows several training options provided to the players.

Num 1Strong health
Num 2Enough stamina
Num 3Good quality food
Num 4The maximum amount of drink.
Num 5Sound sleep
Num 6Maintaining body temperature
Num 7Maximum durability of items.
Num 8Mental peace.
Num 9For losing weight
Num 0Killing by one hit.

Outward Soroboreans Trainers

Outward soroboreans trainers belong to the Soroboreans Academy, the most powerful institution. The trainers provide academic knowledge about the game to the players. The headquarters of the academy is in the city of “Harmattan”. The soroboreans are downloadable content outward trainers and it is the first priority of the outward game.

Outward Trainers In Cierzo

Oda, Kazite Trainer” is one of the skilled trainers in Cierzo. It is the major city region of Outward. The player encounters Cierzo as the first city. The city provides many skilled trainers for the players. In this city, if the players fail to fulfill their blood debts, the game is delivered to the “Tribal Favor”. The trainers teach several weapon skills.

The trainers provide a variety of skills to the players in Cierzo.

  • Skill of Rune Sage.
  • Skill of wild hunting.
  • Skill of Mace Infusion.
  • Skill of weaponry.
  • Skill of steady arm.

Outward Trainer Megagames

Outward enables survival gameplay along with rewarding challenges. In outward mega games, the player’s face-threatening situations in varied environmental conditions. The players also want to explore new cities, undertake different missions.

Megagames trainer teaches skills like push kick, dragger slash, the skill of lantern throw, the skill of fitness, the skill of sniper shot.

Outward Best Skills

Skills are a set of certain activities that the players should inherit in their characters for giving their best output in the game. It includes both active and passive skills. Skills help the players to win over any difficult situations easily. Trainers provide all sorts of skills so that the players can give their full effort. This game is a survival game and requires the full potentiality of the players. Weak and back-laden players have nothing to do with outward trainers.

Outward best skills are as follows-

  1. Basic Skills-
  • Skill of cleanse.
  • Skill of flamethrower.
  • Skill of hunting beat.
  • Skill of nurturing echo.
  1. Combination skills
  • Skill of conjure.
  • Skill of rupture.
  • Skill of rune egoth.
  1. Weapon skills-
  • Skill of brace.
  • Skill of counter strike.
  • Skill of elemental discharge.
  • Skill of execution.
  • Skill of perfect strike.
  1. Shield skills-
  • Skill of gong strike.
  • Skill of shield charge.
  • Skill of infusion.
  1. Dragger skills-
  • Skill of backstab.
  • Skill of dagger slash.
  • Skill of opportunist stab.
  1. Bow’s and pistol skills-
  • Skill of evasion shot.
  • Skill of snipper shot.
  • Skill of infusion.
  • Skill of blood bullet.
  • Skill of fire reloads.

Outward Weapons

Weapons in outward are used for various purposes. Possessing equipment increases both the physical and mental strength of the players. Weapons are also used for self-defense, protecting against severe weather conditions.

Here is the list of several Outward Weapons and Armours

Armour is mainly used for defending the opponents.Sets Helmets Body Boots Backpacks
Weapons are mainly used for overcoming the damage.Axes Bows Maces Polearms Swords Spears Gauntlets
Off-hand weaponsChakrams Daggers Lanterns Pistol Shields. Arrows Bullets.

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