Resident Evil2 Safe Codes

Resident Evil2 Safe Codes: Concept, Lock Combination, And Solution


By Juhi Kanojia

Resident Evil2 is a horror, survival video game. There are several Resident Evil2 Safe Codes with lockers and safes possessing key items. Players have to play in order to open and unlock all lockers. Different lockers have their own combinations.

The game revolves around Leon S.Kennedy and Claire Redfield who want to escape from Raccoon City when the citizens are transformed into zombies with the help of biological weapons. Resident Evil2 Safe Codes help the players to unlock every safe in order to enter Raccoon city for helping Kennedy and Redfield.

Concepts Of Safe Codes In RE2

Safe codes are designed as a protective system and provide provisional safeguards. Resident Evil2 all safe codes are like puzzles and players should solve very mindfully. Safe codes in RE2 do not require any clues and therefore players can easily unlock them after solving it.

Players who cannot solve the code combinations can use the emergency keys to unlock the lockers. Players must search for the heart key and should struggle to survive till the end of the game.

Resident Evil2 Safe Codes
Resident Evil2 Safe Codes

Different Codes Of re2

Players find it very difficult to get out of Raccoon City. They need to solve several puzzles to unlock the codes of locker and safe in order to escape from the city. Players should follow the Resident Evil2 remake safe codes.

  • Desk Codes of Leon-There are two codes for unlocking Leon’s Desk code. It is based on the initials of Leon’s colleagues. The code to unlock right side of the desk is “MRD” after the names Marvin, Rita and David. The code to unlock left side of the desk is “NED” after Neil, Elliot and David.
  • Police Station Statue Codes-Players must focus on three Resident Evil2 statue code combinations.
  • Resident Evil2 Lion Statue Code includes combination “Lion”, “Sprig” and “Eagle”. On B-run the combination is “Crown”, “Fire” and “Bird”.
  • Resident Evil2 Unicorn statue code includes combination of “Fish”, “Scorpion” and “Jug”. On B-Run the combination is “Children”, “Scale” and “Worm”.
  • Resident Evil2 Maiden statue code possesses combinations of “Woman”, “Bow” and “Snake”. On B-Run it is “Ram”, “Harp” and “Bird”.
  • Locker Combinations-Resident Evil2 locker codes contain three lockers.
  • 3rd floor locker is located in the Parking Garage and the code combination is “DCM”.2nd floor shower room has code combination is “CAP”.
  • Sewer Resident Evil2 control room code combination is “SZF”.
  • Safe Combinations-Resident Evil2 safe codes Claire have three safes in different locations.
  • First floor Resident Evil2 west office safe code “Left 9”, “Right 15”, “Left 7”.
  • East wing waiting room safe has code “Left 6”, “Right 2”, “Left 11”
  • Treatment Pool room safe has code “Left 2”, “Right 12”, “Left 8”.
  • Greenhouse Codes-Resident Evil2 Greenhouse codes are in symbols. Players have to know the meaning and sequence to open the lock doors.
  • Greenhouse control room ladder code: 3,1,2,3.
  • Greenhouse control room 2nd run ladder code: 5,8,3,1.
  • Greenhouse control room drug testing lab code: 2,10,6,7.
  • Greenhouse control room 2nd run drug testing lab code: 2,10,4,8.
  • Portable Safe Combinations-In “Playthrough A”, players find two rooms “Linen Room” and “Shower Room Locker”. In “Playthrough B” there are two rooms “Interrogation Room” and “Linen Room”.
  • Leon’s code for left wall is 2,3,7,1.
  • Leon’s Code for right wall 4,5,8,6.
  • Claire’s code for left wall is 8,4,7,5.
  • Claire’s code for right wall is 2,3,1,6.
  • Safety Deposit Room Locker Combination-Players must know several codes for various items. “Gun Powder 102”, “Combat Knife 103”, “Film 106”, “Handgun Bullet 109”, “Hip Pouch 203” and “Shotgun Bullet 208”.
  • Chess Puzzle Combination-Players should use various codes to unlock chess puzzle of “A Scenario”.
  • For right wall the codes are “Pawn”, “Queen” and “King”.
  • For left wall the codes are “Bishop”, “Rook” and “Knight”.
  • Codes for “B Scenario” chess puzzle: For right wall “Pawn”, “Rook” and “Knight”. For left wall the combination is “Queen”, “Bishop” and “King”.
  • Plant 43 Herbicide solution-It is located in the Drug Testing Lab. It possesses various coloured combination codes in sequence like Red, Green, Blue, Red, Green, Blue, Red and Green.

In 2nd run the combination is Blue, Red, Green, Blue, Red, Green, Blue, Red and Green.

Procedure To Unlock A Locker Combination

Users must consider several criteria in order to unlock a locker combination.

Resident Evil2 Lion Statue Code
Resident Evil2 Lion Statue Code
  • Users have to purchase a combination lock.
  • They find out the combinations present on a sticker at the back of the lock.
  • Users have to learn the combination before removing the sticker.
  • They must turn the dial present on the lock thrice to clear the lock.
  • Users should stop turning the dial when it points at the first number of the combination.
  • Again, users have to turn the dial counter clockwise for one full turn and should stop at the second number of the combination.
  • They must turn the dial clockwise and need to stop at the last number of the combination.
  • The lock opens easily.

Method To Reach Heart Key In re2

Players must know about Resident Evil2 heart key as it is a crucial element in the Claire’s game version. Players should focus on how to achieve the heart key.

The Private Collection Room is located to the south of the chief’s office along the short corridor->There is a locked area at the left->Players should complete the Power Panel to reach the area->There are two power panel parts, one in “3F East Storage Room” and the other in “Clock Tower”->Power panel provides “Parking Key cards”->Players should collect the “Relief” from the room’s end->They must rotate round the inventory->”Heart Key” is thus released->Players return back to the Chief’s office and use the heart key to escape->They must search for the power panel pieces.

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Various Unlockable Modes And Characters

Different types of Resident Evil2 unlockable modes denote various characters and scenarios of the game.

Unlockable ModesCharactersWeapons
Fourth Survivor ModeHunkNo weapons as it unlocks 2nd Run mode.
Tofu Survivor ModeTofuKnives.
Konjac Survivor ModeKonjacFlame Grenades and Fame Thrower
Uiro-Mochi Survivor ModeUiro-MochiGrenades
Flan Survivor ModeFlanSpark Shot, Rocket Launcher and Minigun.
Annin Tofu ModeAnnin TofuM19 and Quickdraw Army Handguns.


1. How Do You Unlock The Safes In Resident Evil2?

  • In order to unlock the first safe present in the West Office of Raccoon Police station. The combination are left 9, right 15 and left 7.
  • The second safe is located in the East Wing waiting room on the 1st floor and the players can find the combination in the Observation room.
  • The third safe is in the Treatment Pool Room and the combination is written on the safe itself.

2.Where Are The Locker Combinations In RE2?

The locker combinations are available in the 2nd-floor shower room of the Raccoon City Police Station (CAP), 3rd-floor locker of the Raccoon City Police Station (DCM), and Sewers Control room (SZF).
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