What Does Stardew Valley Earthquake Do

What Does Stardew Valley Earthquake Do? (Explained 2023)


By Aniket Jain

The player wakes up on a random morning in Stardew Valley with the following warning message: “There was an earthquake last night.” Even if something terrible has happened, there is no need to worry.

The earthquake caused the mountain boulder to crumble, allowing access to the railroad area. This leads to a train station, a spa, and a slew of new secrets. The earthquake has had no negative consequences.

When Does The Earthquake Happen In Stardew Valley?

Everyone who plays Stardew Valley will be affected by the earthquake on the same calendar day – the night of the third day of summer, year 1. Unlike random events like the witch or the crop fairy, the actual earthquake occurs when the player is sleeping, hence there is no extra cut scene.

Fortunately, the Stardew Valley earthquake does not harm the player’s crops, animals, or structures. Instead, the earthquake destroyed a boulder in the mountains that was blocking a staircase. This opens up a totally new railroad section with a train platform, spa, a completely new quest line, and clues of the summit area.

Where Does The Stardew Valley Earthquake Occur? 

Where Does The Stardew Valley Earthquake Occur? 

The Stardew Valley earthquake occurs on the third day of summer in year one. It always happens at night, so you’ll get a notification in the morning saying, “There was an earthquake during the night.” The earthquake has no effect on your happily sleeping character because it occurs at night.

Do not think about how to flee an earthquake during the day. As you want to locate the Stardew Valley earthquake, follow the north of your house and north of the mountains. 

What Does The Stardew Valley Earthquake Do?

Even if you planning to destroy everything, this earthquake gives up a new location you to explore in Stardew Valley! You may have seen a massive boulder obstructing a stairway in the Mountains region, which would otherwise be your access point to this whole new location.

This boulder will be removed whenever the Earthquake occurs in your game; whether it is smashed, knocked away, or picked up by Mr. Qi is up for dispute!

Strategies For Dealing With Earthquakes

The earthquake will occur during your first summer in Stardew Valley on the third night. The game doesn’t make a big issue about it or advise you what to do if an earthquake hits, so it’s easy to overlook. Some of the strategies are given below:

1. Spa

Following the earthquake, the spa may be found to the immediate left as you reach the new railroad position. Simply enter the front door, find your character’s changing room, and then proceed to bathe in the pool. The water feels amazing, as seen by your character’s relaxed facial expression.

2. The Railroad

Once the earthquake has occurred, you will see a notification at the top of the screen that states, “A train is passing through Stardew Valley.” You can watch the train on the railroad passing past the station if you hurry up there! Leprechaun Shoes, Stone, Coal, Iron Ore, Wood, and Geodes are among the objects that can be obtained and may fall off. 

3. Wizard Quest and Witch Hunt

The Wizard’s Quest, which leads to the Witch’s Swamp and is located just northeast of the train stop. It is worth investigating. When you first visit this region, a cinematic will play, presenting the Wizard and hinting at the presence of a Witch.

The Witch’s Swamp location is initially unavailable due to a massive boulder. But you can obtain entry by fulfilling the quests set to you by the Wizard. 

4. The Summit

The Summit is the last site to visit in this region as a result of the earthquake. For you, this will be a late-game feature. The Summit is in the northwest part of the area and is blocked until you reach Perfection.

True Perfection is earned after you have completed 100% of the game. It is a stat that counts how much of the game you have completed. As a result, once the game is over, the boulder at The Summit’s entrance will be removed.

When Can You Get The Loot?

When a train passes near Stardew Valley you will receive the message “A train is passing through Stardew Valley.” The notification will notify you of the presence of a train. As a result, you will understand that you must be prepared for the price collection.

The prize is available for one day and will vanish the next morning. As a result, if you don’t collect the loot on the day it drops, you’ll miss out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does The Earthquake Affect My Crops?
Ans. Fortunately, the Stardew Valley earthquake has no effect on your crops. The meteorite event is more likely will take place in the summer and can harm your crops. 

Q2. Can The Earthquake Affect My Buildings?
Ans. Although earthquakes can do massive damage to buildings in real life, the earthquake in Stardew Valley caused minimal damage. When an earthquake strikes, many new players are concerned about their structures.

But the aim of this occurrence is not to inflict harm. Your constructed structures will all survive the earthquake.

Q3. How Do You Get to The Secret Island In Stardew Valley?
Ans. Ginger Island is a nearby island that may be found by fixing the boat in the backroom of Willy’s Fish Shop and purchasing tickets, which can be obtained after finishing the Community Center. 

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