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Dishonored 2 Safe Codes: Complete Guide

Stealth is at the core of the game because of the dishonored 2 safe codes. It has a wide range of secrets, difficulties, and puzzles. Finding and breaking the safe, which can be found anywhere in the game area, is the primary objective of the game. The items that assist the player advance in the game are kept in these safes.

Do you too think that the thrill of experiencing new and interesting activities is the greatest attraction?

These mysterious quests enable one to take on fresh difficulties and put their analytical skills to the test as they try to figure out all the game’s traps, puzzles, and tricks.

These include accomplishments and artifacts as well, and the safe code combination is the only way to unlock them.

Each possible combination in the game environment can be located on the walls, behind paintings, and in a variety of other locations. Text containing the other codes can also be found scattered throughout the pages.

What Are Well-Known Dishonored 2 Safe Codes Combinations?

The following are some of the most helpful safe codes and combos that may be used in the game:

1. Overseer Safe

This safe can be found on the third story of the building while the player is searching for the crown killer. The building’s seven scriptures contain the safe code, and two overseers are visible from a distance repairing a music box.

2. Winslow Company safe

At the conclusion of the task, you can find the safe codes for the Winslow Company safe. Each player’s combination is chosen at random, and it is recorded in the cash register at the front desk.

3. Dr. Vasco’s Safe

This safe is in the office in the treatment wing and is a little difficult to find. The doctor who lives in the building and who frequently hangs out with Dr. Hypatia always has codes on him. The player must ask the doctor for a safe code location in person.

4. Lower Aventa District

The safe is situated in this area, which is at the entrance to the Clockwork Mansion. Entering the apartment building, moving onto the balcony area, climbing to the fourth floor, and then descending into the basement are all necessary steps for the player.

They must remember the combination and then apply it to vanquish the adversaries.

5. Ravina Boulevard safe

The player needs to move toward the pier after finding this safe in the region of the big palace. The watchtower should be located when they have reached far toward the balcony.

Finally, they should ascend to the third story so that they can find the safe there. For each game, the code combination is 123.

Safe Codes And Locations For Dishonored 2

1. A Long Day in Dunwell

A Long Day In Dunwall, the opening level, has one safe. Players will descend to the streets and then climb a substantial stone stairway after exiting Dunwall Tower.

Head down and inside the leftmost open door after turning the street to the left. Take the first left after entering to enter a small laboratory with a sizable painting high on the wall to the right.

The three-digit code can be seen by removing the painting from the wall. In the same room, to the left of the chalkboard, is the safe that this code opens.

2. Edge Of The World

The Vice Overseer’s office is on the third floor of the Overseer Outpost, where the first of the two Edge Of The World safes is situated. The code is in the adjacent room with the projector, while the safe is in the tiny room across from the desk.

The “Strictures to Keep You Safe” annotations on the table, which mention three strictures, must be interacted with in order to obtain the code. Then enter the chamber containing the safe after remembering the first word of each restriction.

The seven strictures will be listed and numbered in the book The Seven Strictures that is to the right of the safe. The three strictures that were mentioned in the notes should be used along with The Seven Strictures’ corresponding numbers to calculate the code.

A little later in the level is where you’ll find the second safe. Make your way into the Winslow Safe Company Shop, which is located across from the station, just before entering the building to go to the Carriage waypoint.

Once inside, hug the left wall and hold on to it until you are in the center of the store. Blink to the front desk and interact with the till on the desk’s far right.

The safe’s combination is located inside. Just a few steps back, you’ll find the sizable safe under the stairwell. The three-digit code will unlock this safe.

3. The Good Doctor

The Good Doctor also has two safes that need to be opened. The first can be located straight at the start of the level, upon entering the main lobby of the Addermire Institute of Infectious Disease.

Once inside, turn right away and look up to the balcony that is directly in front of you. The code is on the desk beside the window in the room, so turn right and enter.

This room contains the safe that this code uses to open. The safe is conveniently located against the wall at the opposite end of the room.

Continue on through the level until the goal is to chat with Alexandra Hypatia to find the second safe. Go into the operation room after chatting with her, then enter the lab through the open green double doors.

Vasco is lying on a stretcher in the room after you exit through the back door. He will reveal the code when you speak to him, so pay great attention. Go down in the elevator and turn left at Disease Treatment.

Continue down this corridor all the way to the end, then enter an office through the entrance. Near the right corner of the chamber is where you’ll find the safe.

4. The Clockwork Mansion

After leaving the sewers, the single safe on Clockwork Mansion may be found. As soon as you are at street level, turn left and cross the street to go to the steps that have “Station” written at the top. Keep an eye on the upper left wall as you proceed down the hallway to the left.

When you get to the “For Rent” sign, sneak behind a wall and take the steps up. After entering the first door, turn right. The first two numbers of the code will be written on a chalkboard on the right wall and concealed by a glass bottle.

Enter a small office through the door directly across from the chalkboard to find the safe in the back corner. The safe will automatically open if the first two digits are entered into it and the third dial is moved until the right digit is reached.

5. The Royal Conservatory

The single safe inside The Royal Conservatory has a code that must be obtained from a black market source. When you arrive on shore, climb the stairs to the top, where there is a signboard.

After turning left behind this sign, proceed a short distance before stepping down some stairs to a door that is open. The black market vendor is inside, through the door on the left. The safe combination can be bought at this location.

The bloody-infested structure, which is across from the tavern, houses the safe. Jump from the pub’s rooftop to the balcony where blood flies can be seen buzzing about to get there; just head up to the roofs and make the jump.

Once inside, turn left at the first opportunity and proceed down the corridor until you reach a small room with the safe clearly visible.

6. Crack In The Slab

Crack In The Slab contains a safe for players to find in the manor, following The Dust District, the first level in the game without one. Find a couple of red lounge chairs to your left of the Great Hall’s entrance (the area with the tree centerpiece) to get there.

A back room with a partially open door is located to the left of these chairs. Beyond that is a little space with a desk. The hard part comes at this point.

To travel to the present, players must squat beneath the desk and use the transitional gadget. Deal with the blood flies by stepping out from underneath the desk. Return to the past once more, place the corpse of the wolfhound in the big incinerator, and then push the red button.

After the incineration is over, return to the present and go to the area where the infestation was. The detachable safe door will be lying on the ground with the code clearly visible. Reverse the transition and enter this code to unlock the safe.

7. The Grand Palace

The Grand Palace is the game’s penultimate level featuring safes, and it features two of them, the first of which is found quite early on. Go up two flights of stairs and through the open door to the left of the Grand Palace before entering it.

Here, a little vent on the lower left side of a lockable steel door will be present. Once it passes through and around the vents, it will emerge into a little room. Take a right as you leave this chamber.

The safe and the combination are both in this room. In the little office nook, the artwork of a man has the combination on it. Examine the picture and peek behind the figure to see the code. This code unlocks the safe, which is located just across from the office corner.

The combination for the final safe can be found in the Duke’s office on the third floor of the Grand Palace, which is also where the First Captain’s safe is housed. Using the elevator, ascend to the third floor, then turn right to enter the sizable office.

You may find the First Captain’s Safe combination on a note that is visible on the leftmost desk after climbing the stairs. Go back to the elevator and ride down to the ground level.

Right away, through the doorways between the two sculptures, then right again. Once more turning right, proceed through the double doors and up the stairs. To find the safe that the code opens, go straight to the back right corner of this room, behind the desk.

What Are The Active Dishonored 2 Safe Combos?

The dishonored 2 safe codes hint about a selection of cunning techniques that will be utilized because there are keys that can help unlock the doors. The player should compile a list of the codes necessary for each quest since they will encounter these doors in a variety of quests.

Mission 1

451 is the code that corresponds to mission 1 and the player is dishonored. This can be used for the dishonored sewer safe which is past the point and the Corvo retrieves the equipment.

Mission 2

287 is the code for mission 2 for which the user needs to get to the high supervisor that is Dr. Galvani’s house and to the safe in his apartment.

Another code that corresponds to mission 2 is 217 through which the player gets to the superior Campbell building behind the closed door of the kennel area.

203 is the code in which the player needs to get to the supervisor’s superior base and the backyard of the dean’s base.

Mission 3

138,656,679,696 are some of the codes that correspond to mission 3 and help the player to get to the house of pleasure in the dealer’s room. The safe combination is different in each game during this mission.

656 or 696 is the code that the player gets when they reach Casa del Placer.

Mission 4

437 or 473 corresponds to the Royal Physician floor of the building at Pratchett’s house. The player can use this code to unlock the dishonored Pratchett safe located on the ground floor of the house.

294 is the code corresponding to mission 4 which is located towards the Royal Physician behind the painting. This area is outside Sokolov’s house and in the ruined building.

Mission 5

935 is the safe code that is used for the back of the tower at the Lord Regent’s quarters and in the private room.

Mission 6

The codes 428, 525, 528, or 628 can be used in mission 7 to get to the flooded district after diving in the water to enter the building. This building is located in the sewer area next to the bone talisman.

The same codes can also be used underwater at the Central Rudshore. When the player enters the building, they find an underwater door on the left side and will find the key behind the painting of Sokolov for the safe.

What Is The Dishonored 2 Mission 6 Door Code?

The player needs to solve the puzzle first and then go behind the alleyway in the black market and then look through the metal bars. The player will see a door that is blocked by a large piece of wood and can use a grenade, bolt, or any skill to break the barrier and go inside the room.

An unconscious man would be lying near a desk and a note is stuck behind the photographs. After picking the clue the hallway should be checked. Following this process, the player can clear mission 6 and get the door code.

What Is The Dishonored Knife Of Dunwall Safe Codes?

The Knife of dun wall safe codes are certain combinations that do not change with the playthrough and “The Artist” is the core game with all the variations listed out. There are many different combinations like 387,872, 682, 128, 573, 753, 445 which are used to unlock the safes.


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