Do you also believe that the greatest attraction is the experience of unknown adventures which are very exciting? These unknown adventures help a person to face new challenges and test their abilities to decipher all the tricks, puzzles, or traps in the game.

Due to the dishonored 2 safe codes stealth is at the heart of the game. It has many different secrets, challenges, and puzzles. The main requirement of the game is to find and break the safe which can be located anywhere throughout the game world. These safes act as the container for the items which help the player to progress in the game.

These also have artifacts, achievements and can be unlocked only by solving the combination of the safe code. Each combination that can be used in the game world can be found either on the walls, behind paintings, and in many more places. The other codes may also be found in the form of text throughout the documents.

What Are Some Of The Famous Dishonored 2 Safe Combinations?

Some of the most useful safe codes and combinations that can be used in the game are-

What Are Some Of The Famous Dishonored 2 Safe Combinations
What Are Some Of The Famous Dishonored 2 Safe Combinations

1. Overseer Safe

While the player is looking for the crown killer, they will locate this safe on the third floor of the building. The safe code is hidden within the seven scriptures of the building and the two overseers are observed from a distance working on a music box.

2. Winslow Company safe

The safe codes for the Winslow company safe can be found during the end of the mission. The combination is random per player and they are written at the front desk cash register.

3. Dr. Vasco’s Safe

This safe is a little tricky and is located inside the office in the treatment wing. The doctor in the building always has codes with him and is hanging around Dr. Hypatia. The player needs to speak to the doctor and demand a safe code location.

4. Lower Aventa District

This district is located at the start of the Clockwork Mansion and the safe is also located there. The player needs to enter the apartment building and further the balcony area and then climb up to the fourth floor and down into the basement. They need to take note of the combination and then use it to defeat the enemies.

5. Ravina Boulevard safe

This safe is located in the grand palace area and then the player needs to head towards the dock. They should reach far towards the balconies and then locate the watchtower. They should finally climb to the third floor and then the safe that is inside can be located. The code combination is 123 for every single game.

What Are The Active Dishonored 2 Safe Combos?

The dishonored 2 safe codes refer to a set of tricks that will be used because there are keys that can help in opening the doors which are blocked. The player would encounter these doors in many different missions and for this, they need to prepare a list of codes needed in each of the missions.

What Are The Active Dishonored 2 Safe Combos
What Are The Active Dishonored 2 Safe Combos

Mission 1

451 is the code that corresponds to missions 1 and the player is dishonored. This can be used for the dishonored sewer safe which is past the point and the Corvo retrieves the equipment.

Mission 2

287 is the code for mission 2 for which the user needs to get to the high supervisor that is Dr. Galvani’s house and to the safe in his apartment.

Another code that corresponds to mission 2 is 217 through which the player gets to the superior Campbell building behind the closed door of the kennel area.

203 is the code in which the player needs to get to the supervisor’s superior base and on the backyard of the dean’s base.

Mission 3

138,656,679,696 are some of the codes that correspond to mission 3 and help the player to get to the house of pleasure in the dealer’s room. The safe combination is different in each game during this mission.

656 or 696 is the code that the player gets when they reach Casa del Placer.

Mission 4

437 or 473 corresponds to the Royal Physician floor of the building at the Pratchett’s house. The player can use this code to unlock the dishonored Pratchett safe located on the ground floor of the house.

294 is the code corresponding to mission 4 which is located towards the Royal Physician behind the painting. This area is outside Sokolov’s house and in the ruined building.

Mission 6

935 is the safe code that is used for the back of the tower at the Lord Regent quarters and in the private room.

Mission 7

The codes like 428, 525, 528, or 628 can be used in mission 7 to get to the flooded district after diving in the water to enter the building. This building is located in the sewer area next to the bone talisman.

dishonored Pratchett safe
dishonored 2 safe codes

The same codes can also be used underwater at the Central Rudshore. When the player enters the building, they find an underwater door on the left side and will find the key behind the painting of Sokolov for the safe.

What Is The Dishonored 2 Mission 6 Door Code?

The player needs to solve the puzzle first and then go behind the alleyway in the black market and then look through the metal bars. The player will see a door that is blocked by a large piece of wood and can use a grenade, bolt, or any skill to break the barrier and go inside the room.

An unconscious man would be lying near a desk and a note is stuck behind the photographs. After picking the clue the hallway should be checked. Following this process, the player can clear mission 6 and get the door code.

What Is The Dishonored Knife Of Dunwall Safe Codes?

The Knife of dun wall safe codes are certain combinations that do not change with the playthrough and “The Artist” is the core game with all the variations listed out. There are many different combinations like 387,872, 682, 128, 573, 753, 445 which are used to unlock the safes.


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