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How To Lock Items In Lost Ark?

How to lock items in lost ark?

To lock items in Lost Ark, press Control + Right-click on the mouse. You need to lock the gear when you reach any higher level. You can also do it when you have valuable items. List of Items How to lock it Weapons Inventory (Press Ctrl + Right Click on the Item. Click Lock) Chestpiece … Read more

How To Get Bilbrin Wood Lost Ark?

How To Get Bilbrin Wood Lost Ark?

Unlike Timber, you can not log Bilbrin wood from spawning trees naturally. Hence, you should exchange Sceptrum’s Coins at the Spearfish Hunting Guild Vessel or the Plumpcrab Fishing Guild Vessel to collect them. In addition, you can buy the wood from Trade Merchants at your Stronghold, replacing seals. How to get Bilbrin Timber in Lost … Read more

Install Classic Wow Addons In 2021

how to add addons to classic wow

Classic had been a newly emerging phenomenon to cater to a slew of nostalgia-hungry fans back in 2019. Many players prioritized knowing how to add addons to Classic Wow.Addons become a majorly common feature over the year since the game got introduced. Classic wow enables players from doing authorized customization of their UIs and calculating … Read more