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What Do Beans Do In Among Us?

What Do Beans Do In Among Us

The recent update of Innersloth enables all players to obtain Beans as a reply for fans of Among Us by playing a normal online game only. When the game ends, each player will receive Beans as a reward, which doesn’t matter whether they were on the winning or losing team. You can use the Beans … Read more

How To Make Chains And Chain Armors And How To Use Them In Minecraft: In-Depth Guide For Minecraft Gamers

how to make chains in minecraft

Chains are a decorative instrument added in Minecraft’s Nether Update, which was one of the most significant updates in recent years. The chains not only allowed the players to hang lanterns and bells, but they also allowed them to walk on them if they were joined horizontally. Except in the Basalt Delta biome, the Chains … Read more