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By Aniket Jain

The destiny 2 dawning guide 2020 event has now begun. As part of the event, Eva Levanter, the renowned holiday vendor, has returned to the game, allowing players to bake various confections and treats for all allies and non-playable characters in the game.

Players are also looking for ways to farm Superb Texture in the game, but many are unsure how to do it. So, let us quickly teach you how to obtain Superb Texture in Destiny 2 during the Dawning 2020 event.

How To Get Superb Texture In Destiny 2?

If you want to get Superb Texture in Destiny 2, simply kill all of your opponents using your Superpowers. The idea is to go to locations where you can easily kill your opponents with the Super. To obtain the unique buff, you should head to the challenge section of Europa Eclipsed Zone.

This will essentially boost your ability’s recharge rate, and it will recharge much faster than it normally does. This will eventually allow you to use the Super more frequently and score a lot more kills. Simply land at this location and begin killing.
You can also go to the Blind Wells in the Dreaming City, which is full of adversaries.

Many players will also be using their Super abilities to generate orbs of light. Nightfall Strikes is another excellent option because it allows you to fully utilise your Super skills.

The Dawning 2020 event began on December 15 and is scheduled to end on January 5. This means you’ll have plenty of time to take part in the challenges and reap the benefits. Players should be aware that the event is open to all players, including those who are playing the Destiny 2: New Light version of the game.

What Are Champions In Destiny 2?

What Are Champions In Destiny 2
What Are Champions In Destiny 2

Champions are enemies that come in a variety of forms such as barriers, Overload, and Unstoppable. Certain tasks will demand you to locate and kill these champions, which may appear to be a challenging undertaking. So, in Destiny 2, let us teach you where to discover champions.

Where To Find Champions In Destiny 2?

The champions will appear in-game types such as Nightfall: The Ordeal. As part of the ordeal, new powerful champions and adversaries will be added to the game. However, when compared to other Champions, the Unstoppable kind may appear to be the most difficult to defeat. These foes will pursue you, but they do not take much damage unless they are stunned.

The seasonal artefact contains a multitude of benefits that can be employed to take on the Unstoppable Champions. It is recommended, however, that you choose the Unstoppable Hand Cannon. All you have to do is aim down for a few seconds with the weapon to land an Unstoppable Shot.

If you do not want to use Unstoppable Hand Cannon, you can instead use the Solar Melee skills, which function best when coupled with the ranged solar melee assault.

If you’re utilizing the Unstoppable Hand Cannon, make sure to keep landing Unstoppable Shots to stun the enemy. When you can stagger them, the game will give you an indicator. This is because there will be a gap before they may be staggered again. The indicator will be shown on top of the Champion’s head.

The Dawning 2020 Revealed With New Trailer

Fans of Destiny 2 have had a lot to look forward to in the previous few weeks. The game keeps players engaged week after week, from the new Deep Stone Crypt Raid to the new Hawk moon exotic weapon quest.

Needless to say, the holidays are quickly approaching, bringing with them another seasonal event for Bungie’s MMO. Today, the studio released a trailer for The Dawning 2020 event, which shows rewards, décor, and festive activities.

The Dawning is Destiny’s annual winter event that first appeared in 2016 as part of the Rise of Iron expansion. Since then, it has grown to focus on other types of pursuits and prizes, and it is now offered for free to all gamers. Destiny 2 the dawning recipes, like almost all other seasonal events, is hosted by Eva Levanter at the Tower Courtyard.

The Dawning 2020 Revealed With New Trailer
The Dawning 2020 Revealed With New Trailer

The event begins on December 15 and ends at the weekly reset on January 5. Players will discover new and ancient recipes to make sweets for Destiny’s various characters. They will also be able to locate surprising gifts, receive progressively abundant awards, and improve their brand new exotic ship with configurable engines and an animated shade.

Eva Levanter will again provide the Holiday Oven for the preparation of the delicacies. If they haven’t previously, players will need to find recipes and gather ingredients through partaking in activities across Destiny’s different locations. As they complete quests, bounties, and recipes, players will earn Dawning Spirit, a new currency.

There will be Dawning Spirit goals for both the player and the community, which will unlock higher seasonal prizes for the player and the community, respectively.

Fans will also be able to deck out a rare exotic ship available just during The Dawning via the dawning recipes destiny 2 Spirit. This ship will have a variety of engine effects to pick from, as well as a transmit effect and an animated shader that is unique to it.

The Legendary Fusion Rifle Glacioclasm is another item that is only accessible for three weeks. This festive Void energy weapon will be rolled at random and will include some of the recently announced benefits.

Of course, The Dawning will include a slew of new cosmetics for Silver and Bright Dust at the Eververse store. Decorated Ghost Shells, Glowing Sparrows, and fancy armour sets for each class are among the items available. These universal armour ornament sets were previewed earlier this month with concept photos as part of Bungie’s charity event.

Collecting Dawning Ingredients

Eva Levante will give you several bounties with specific ingredients as prizes, which is a simple way to ensure a drop. However, if you know how to cultivate each ingredient, you won’t need to do bounties.

First, let’s go through some unusual ingredients and where to find them.

Uncommon Enemy Ingredients

Despite their unusual name, these substances are easy to find and will appear in your inventory at random when you kill certain enemy kinds.

Vex Milk — Vex was harvested, and it is most usually seen on Nessus and Europa.

Ether Cane — Fallen, most usually encountered in the EDZ, the Moon, the Tangled Shore, and Europa

Cabal Oil — Cabal was collected, and it was most usually found in the EDZ and the Tangled Shore.

Chitin Powder — gathered from the Hive, most usually seen on the Tangled Shore, the Moon, and the Dreaming City.

Taken Butter — Taken items are most typically discovered in the EDZ and the Dreaming City.

Dark Ether Cane — Scorn was collected, and it was most usually found on the Tangled Shore and Dreaming City.

Eva’s Recipe List

Eva will provide you with a few recipes to get you started on your quest, but not nearly enough to produce gifts for all of your friends. Each recipe will include an uncommon component, a rare ingredient, and 15 Essence of Dawning.

Which may be obtained by completing any activity across the globe or by completing bounties. The more Essence you gain, the longer or more difficult the activity.

Eva's Recipe List
Eva’s Recipe List

Open your Quest menu and interact with Eva’s Holiday Oven 2.0 to bake. To make a treat, combine two ingredients plus some Dawning Essence. When you bake a destiny 2 oven recipe, it is saved to your destiny 2 dawning recipe list in Eva’s oven, where you may easily create another without combining ingredients.

Vanilla Blades for Lord Shaxx — Cabal Oil, Sharp Flavor, Essence of Dawning
Commander Zavala’s Gjallar Doodles — Ether Cane, Delicious Explosion, Essence of Dawning
Hawthorne Eliksni Birdseed— Ether Cane, Personal Touch, Essence of Dawning
Amanda Holliday’s Chocolate Ship Cookies — Cabal Oil, Null Taste, Essence of Dawning
Failsafe Infinite Forest Cake— Vex Milk, Impossible Heat, Essence of Dawning
Devrim Kay’s Gentleman’s Shortbread — Ether Cane, Perfect Taste, Essence of Dawning
Ikora Traveller Donut Holes — Cabal Oil, Flash of Inspiration, Essence of Dawning
Dead Ghosts Candy for The Spider — Dark Ether Cane, Flash of Inspiration, Essence of Dawning
Tapioca Telemetry for Banshee-44 — Vex Milk, Bullet Spray, Essence of Dawning
Xur’s Strange Cookies — Taken Butter, Electric Flavor, Essence of Dawning
Ill-Fortune Cookies for Petra Venj — Dark Ether Cane, Impossible Heat, Essence of Dawning
The Drifter’s Dark Chocolate Motes — Taken Butter, Null Taste, Essence of Dawning
Riven’s Thousand-Layer Cookie — Taken Butter, Delicious Explosion, Essence of Dawning
Saint-14 Lavender Ribbon Cookies— Vex Milk, Personal Touch, Essence of Dawning
Eris Morn Ascendant Oatmeal Raisin Cookies — Chitin Powder, Finishing Touch, Essence of Dawning
Eva Levante’s Classic Butter Cookies — Taken Butter, Superb Texture, Essence of Dawning
Crow’s Bittersweet Biscotti— Dark Ether Cane, Balanced Flavors, Essence of Dawning
Variks’ Etheric Cold snaps — Chitin Powder, Electric Flavor, Essence of Dawning
Shaw Han’s Blueberry Crumblers— Ether Cane, Bullet Spray, Essence of Dawning
Tess Everis deserves bright-dusted snowballs. — Chitin Powder, Multifaceted Flavors, Essence of Dawning.

After you’ve baked reach recipe, you can perfect your oven to reduce the cost of Essence of Dawning to 10 each treat. You should prioritise preparing every cookie over finishing Eva’s missions.


Destiny 2 is now available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Windows PC, and Google Stadia.

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