Maple Trees Stardew Valley Full Guide ( 2023 )

Maple Trees Stardew Valley Full Guide ( 2023 )


By Juhi Kanojia

Many of you when reading often wonder what does a maple tree look like in stardew valley? The Maple tree in stardew valley is one of the most prevalent trees, and you can find it virtually anyplace. Trees are the major source of many commodities and resources used in gameplay.

They supply items that are utilized to make things and build new infrastructure on the farm. You can also use it to create Artisan items that you can sell in the shipping crate for extra gold. You can get Maple Seeds if you cut it down with an axe. If you’re a Lumberjack, you can even get some Hardwood.

Shaking it, on the other hand, will result in seeds or a Hazelnut if done within the last two weeks of Fall. If you choose the Forester profession, you can get up to 25% additional wood or 15-20 pieces when you chop down maple trees stardew valley.

How To Get Maple Seeds In Stardew Valley?

These seeds can get into the game in a variety of ways. It can be straight from the tree or from other sources. See below to learn how to get it in the game:

  • At Foraging Level 1, cut down a Maple Tree with an Axe.
  • Foraging Level 1 Shaking a Maple Tree
  • Searching through garbage cans.
  • Digging the earth for dropped seeds with a pickaxe or axe.
  • When the pond population reaches 9, it is obtained from the Woodskip Fish Pond.
  • Purchasing it for 100-1,000g from the Traveling Cart.

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How To Grow Maple Trees In Stardew Valley?

To grow a maple tree started, you must first plant a Maple seed in the earth. The seed or sapling can then be fertilized with Tree fertilizer to help it develop faster. This fertilizer will assist it in progressing to one stage per night until it reaches the fourth stage, at which point it will be fully matured two nights later.

Stardew maple seeds mature in 24 days on average after going through four phases of growth once planted. In addition, fertilizing takes five days in any season. Although these seeds have a 20% chance of growing every day except during the winter, when no trees can sprout, individual trees grow at different rates.

If the tree is planted outside of the farm and Pelican Town, it will grow as Saplings in the third growth stage. If the stump is removed, it will grow normally again.

Stages Description
Stage 1 Once the seed is planted, the first stage will begin. Plant it eight tiles away from other tree seedlings or mature trees so that it can grow past the fourth stage.
Stage 2After a few days, you’ll notice that the seedling has achieved its second stage of growth when leaves emerge on it.
Stage 3When a sapling enters the third growth stage, it is referred to as a sapling. The height of the plant and the quantity of leaves distinguish this stage from the previous stage fast.
Stage 4The sapling grows taller, with a narrow, short trunk. It also takes twice as long to advance to the following stage. This is the stage of development before attaining complete maturity.
Stage 5The stardew maple tree has reached its last development stage in the fifth stage. You may cut it down to obtain resources or tap it to receive some yummy syrup.

How To Use Maple Syrup

Maple Trees Stardew Valley

Because there are so many things and activities to discover in stardew valley maple tree, understanding how to obtain Maple Syrup may be a game changer.

  • Players open up a universe of options with a consistent supply of Maple Syrup. They can use this resource to strengthen their bonds with other villagers (except Maru, who dislikes it).
  • Maple Syrup may be used to produce Maple Bars, which offer a lot of health and vitality, or to construct the Bee House, which is one of the simplest ways to generate money in Stardew Valley (a recipe learnt at Farming Level 3).
  • This Artisan Good Item can assist players in regaining health, crafting money-making products, or cultivating connections with other villagers.
  • It starts at 200g and goes up from there if they’ve entered the Tapper profession.
  • Players may focus on other aspects of the game without feeling overloaded by managing the farm if they streamline their resource harvesting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the easiest way to get Maple Syrup Stardew Valley?
Ans. After making a tapper, just hang it on a maple tree and wait for it to generate maple syrup. It is used on oak or pine trees to extract oak resin or pine tar, respectively. In particular, the maple syrup will be available in around 9 days.

Q2. Where can I buy Stardew maple seeds?
Ans. No, you cannot purchase the seeds, however, you may interact with the trees outside of the farm. Right-click to shake them and (occasionally) receive a seed, or chop them down to acquire a seed more reliably. You may also manufacture tree fertilizer to help the trees you’ve previously planted grow faster. 

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