how to add addons to classic wow

Install Classic Wow Addons In 2021


By Juhi Kanojia

Classic had been a newly emerging phenomenon to cater to a slew of nostalgia-hungry fans back in 2019. Many players prioritized knowing how to add addons to Classic Wow.Addons become a majorly common feature over the year since the game got introduced.

Classic wow enables players from doing authorized customization of their UIs and calculating on their DPS, to using complex systems to gather in Gold at the auction house.

Whoever is trying their hands on WOW for the first time with Classic or are returning to play the game after they had turned their backs, are undoubtedly falling for the installed addons.

compute addons to classic wow
how to add addons to classic wow

How To Add Addons To Classic Wow

Eighteen years from now, when World of Warcraft was originally released it blew all the MMORPGs out from their bubble. In its initial years of classic wow, the player base never stopped growing as they wanted more content and Blizzard went on feeding them with the same.

Uniquely, In Classic WOW you could leave your game at 60 solos that other extensions did not permit. It brings back the time of the nostalgic paradoxes users played the games with.

Compute Addons To Wow Classic

It’s impossible to assume that Long time World of Warcraft players is not familiar with the process of installing and downloading Addons. But if you are new to the game, it is obvious for you to read the steps before diving in.

The easiest way to streamline your Wow classic experience is to download an Addon manager for easy access. You are able to install these manually via various sites, simply these client takes out all the output, allowing you to get right to business.

Top WOW Classic Addon

Some of the best classic map addons that are all-time favorites to gamers have been listed below. You can rate your experience in the app after playing on it. One of the features that changed dramatically is the transparency among the players who are willing to alter the basic user interface to streamline the experience and eradicate even the smallest inconvenience in the game.

This guide will help you select from some of the top WOW Classic Addons.

Deadly Boss Mods

Memorized and practiced Boss Mods is dated back to the past, as DBM is another mainstay that escorts you through encounters with onscreen warnings along with pointers for upcoming abilities. Deadly Boss Mod or DBM — is a World of Warcraft addon that shows timers for boss abilities in dungeons and raids

You can use DBM in both Classic and Retail versions of World of Warcraft, which makes it a must-have addon for serious gamers. Follow its inclusive twitter handle to eye on some hilarious meme.

Questie Classic

Ouest strives to provide one of the most useful features of modern classic WoW’s map UI: the ability to discern where quest objectives and turning are located.

This WoW Classic addon is still a bit of a work in progress, but it solves one of the most frustrating aspects of Classic WoW.

How To Install Questie Wow Classic Addons?

Quest descriptions in vanilla varied widely in their wayfinding tips, trends so sometimes the area where the thing you were supposed to find/kill/collect wasn’t immediately obvious.

install classic wow addons
how to add addons to classic wow

Questie is one of the most crucial Addons in Classic Wow, especially targetting the new players. If you are thinking about how to install questie classic wow, then here are the steps.

There are several techniques on how to install Questie classic wow, but the most obvious is through Twitch. tv desktop app. It enables you to surpass all the glitches and gives you a smooth interface.

All you require to do is download the app and log in with your Twitch username, put in a password and navigate to Mods. Once you’ve chosen Mods, select Wow, choose to Get More Addons, and search Questie. Click Install and you are good to go. Make sure to reset your game once you’re done accessing it.

Alternatively, if you don’t possess the Twitch app or you wish to stick by the traditional method, you can download Questie from any third-party website. There are several third-party resources that provide you with a direct link to download Questie WOW Classic Addons.

Curse Client

Curse Client is another piece of software for wow providing accessibility to addon managers. It was very easy to install addons using curse client wow classic, as it begets several useful addons and maps for these wow classics. You can be sure that they take up a few milliseconds per download to push that into any ZIP file for any addon.

Download entertainment addons for Curse classic wow addons using the client. Make sure you use a VPN to protect your integrated servers.

In March 2017, Curse voice and curse client were both discontinued and replaced by the Twitch Desktop app which is extensively used by gamers now.

Twitch World Of Warcraft Addons

Twitch has been the most popularly used addon wow classic, at the onset of 2019 since players seemed determined to skip Addons behind for better gaming aspects, strategizing it would divert users from the real vanilla experience.

It is not perfect, but for those looking for a WOW classic display with this crucial modern convenience, Twitch is the best for you. Twitch world of warcraft Addons avails the users to use a spell or ability that are only accessed with a timer which is put by the default UI.

AtlasLoot WOW Classic

Contemporary WOW has been moduled with handy journals that log loot drop from all of its raids and dungeons, however, classics own no such extravagance. Your experience with AtlasLoot Classics will provide a handy mod, allowing you to quickly browse the loot tables for every dungeon and raid.


Using Bartender4, you can modify the size, location and transparency of every action bar, which works a long way in personalizing your own UI. One of the most intrinsic features, though, is the ability to write macros that drive things like hiding action bars when you are not mousing over them.

top wow classic addons
how to add addons to classic wow

This addon fully replaces your action bar with one that is completely customizable.

How To Install Classic WOW Addons

It is never trustworthy to install using a wow classic addon manager. Since it takes less than one minute to install an addon, it is advised to download using an authenticated page.

  • Find the addon’s server at the curse forge app or use twitch. Click download.
  • Right-click the downloaded file and pick on the option “Extract to extract
  • Click the “Show extracted files” button on the grey popup.
  • Copy the sub-folder from the new folder to the WoW addons folder.
  • Find where your version of Classic Addon is installed.

You’re done! It only took a few seconds and you have your fancied addons installed in your device. Once you download a chosen mod it will be saved in a zip file which generally stays in your Downloads by default.

In case you choose to install Classic WOW manually then go through the old school route of manually installing World of Warcraft addons. Solely go to the addon’s website and manually download it yourself.

Once it is downloaded, all you need to do is extract the addon from the zip file and place it into the appropriate wow/interface/addons directory depending on your game version of the addon.

Please note, doing this method will demand manual updates, unless one of the WoW addon managers above automatically detect it.

Why My Addons Are Not Showing Up In WOW Classic?

You should know that wow can only recognize the addons that are saved under the sub-directory of its game folder. Sometimes, when you have launched your wow addon classic, it is okay when addons are not visible to your client.

Visit the Get Addons tab and make sure you have Retail selected in the dropdown. In case the new update does not help, consider fixing it with your addon folder.

Make Sure the Directory of Addon Folder Is Right Commonly, the WoW addons are saved in the directory of Warcraft\_retail_\Interface\AddOns.

After moving Addons to the right directory, you can restart your computer and launch the game again to check if Addons pop up or not?

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