how to make chains in minecraft

How To Make Chains And Chain Armors And How To Use Them In Minecraft: In-Depth Guide For Minecraft Gamers


By Aniket Jain

Chains are a decorative instrument added in Minecraft’s Nether Update, which was one of the most significant updates in recent years.

The chains not only allowed the players to hang lanterns and bells, but they also allowed them to walk on them if they were joined horizontally.

Except in the Basalt Delta biome, the Chains are naturally found in the Loot Chest Of Bastion Remenants, which are these massive castles in the Nether Realm. Certain Remenants include plunder, some of which is exclusive to these castles and cannot be obtained elsewhere.

how to make chains in minecraft
how to make chains in minecraft

How To Make Chains In Minecraft: The Chain Crafting Recipe

One of the major questions that this blog will answer will be how to make chains in Minecraft,
Although the chain’s crafting procedure is quite straightforward and easy, it is not realistic because it needs an iron ingot and two iron nuggets merely to make one chain. To create a chain, a player must have the following objects in their inventory:

  • Crafting Table
  • 2 x Iron Nuggets
  • 1 x Iron Ingot

Steps To Craft Chain

  • Place the crafting table on a block

The First step is to Set up a Crafting table on a block (Crafting Table can be created with 4 Wooden Planks in a 2×2 Crafting Grid.)

  • Right Click on the Crafting Table

Right-Clicking on the Crafting Table would open up the crafting menu of the Crafting Table and a 3×3 Grid will be visible to the Players.

  • Craft a Chain In Accordance to The Crafting Recipe.

While arranging the crafting material the players should remember to follow the exact arrangement of the crafting materials.
Players have to arrange the Iron Ingot in the Center block, with one Iron Nugget above and one below it.

  • Click on the Crafted Chain and place it into your inventory.

Once the players have created the chain, they can simply drag and drop it into inventory.

How To Use Chains In Minecraft

After understanding how to make chains in Minecraft the players should understand how to use the Chains in Minecraft.

  • Go into the inventory and equip chain as primary equipment
  • Right-click on the wall where you want to place the chain.
  • Equipt the item you want to connect to the end of the chain
  • Right-click with that item equipped at the other end of the chain.

Uses Of Chains In Minecraft

Used To Hang Bells And Laterns

Chains are decorative pieces that could be used to create hanging lanterns and bells in the overworld of Minecraft. These hanging lanterns might be used to light up gloomy regions in Minecraft, such as Mining Caves, or as a replacement for Torches.

Although lanterns are more expensive than torches (Hanging Lanterns cost 10x Iron Nugget, 1x Iron Ingot, and 1x Torch), they are more visually beautiful and give an appeal of chandeliers.

Can Be Used To Connect With Other Chains To Create A Longer Chain.

Chains can be used to connect with other chains forming a longer chain in the process which can be used to hang certain items far above the reach of the players.

Chains can also be connected horizontally and can be used to create a zipline to travel long distances in a short period of time.

Can Be Used To Suspend Mobs

Chains may be used to suspend not only things such as lamps and bells but even Mobs. Although suspending mobs has no effect on gameplay, it might be utilised to establish a jail, which could be entertaining for players.

To suspend a mob the player must block him with the barrier blocks and name him “Dinnerbone” using a name tag. Then the players could add some chains to suspend the mob upside down in the air with the help of some chains.

Although Chains have several applications in Minecraft, there is a common myth regarding Chain Armor sets being built in Minecraft using Chains as a crafting material. Although it is obvious that a chain Armor set would be made of chains, this is not the case in Minecraft.

How Do You Make Chain Armor In Minecraft

One of the biggest confusion among Minecraft players is due to the question that how to make chainmail armor Minecraft, The Chain Armor could be created in Minecraft in the same manner as Iron and Gold Armors could, but with Fire as the Crafting Materia instead.

Players are unable to build the Chain Armor because Fire was removed in the 1.16 Update. Mods and inventory editors are the only ways to craft Chain Armor right now.

For most of the period the players were not able to get their hands on the Chain Armor until patch 1.3 was released. The patch included the feature where the villagers were able to trade items with emeralds which also happened to include the Chain Armor, Legging, Helmet and Boots.

To obtain a Chain Armor the Players will need to find a Blacksmith or Turn a Villager into a BlackSmith.

Also in the next patch 1.4, Zombies and Skeletons had a chance to wear and drop the Chain Armor once defeated, making another way for players to obtain the Chain Armor.
The mobs are more likely to spawn with chain armor in the hard difficulty.

Also, the players are advised to use the looting sword since the chances of mobs dropping the armor is pretty slim.

The Chain Armor set is currently can’t be crafted by the players and can only be obtained through trading emeralds with the blacksmith villager or a non-villager which can be turned into a blacksmith with help of a grindstone or defeating the mobs wearing them that have a chance of dropping it.

how to make chains in minecraft
how to make chains in minecraft

How To Repair The Chain Armor

There are 3 ways with which the Chain Armor can be repaired and these are the following:

Iron Ingot and Anvil

The first way to repair the Chain Armor is to combine it with an iron ingot using an anvil. To repair the Chain Armor, the players must have an anvil and an iron ingot in their inventory.

The Chain Armor, like any other armour, maybe mended by laying it on the anvil with an iron ingot.

Combining 2 Chainmail Armor With Anvil

The second way to repair the Chain Armor is to combine it with another Chain Armor using an Anvil. To move forward this way the player must have at least two chain armor in the inventory.

The chain armor can be repaired by placing both the armors on the anvil. Although this method won’t be used by most of the players the same result could be achieved with the first method with fewer resources.

Enchanting Mending On The Chainmail Armor

Enchanting the Chainmail Armor with “Mending” is another way to repair it. Mending is an enchantment that repairs tools, weapons, and armor using Exp (Experience). When Exp is obtained in different ways, it is used to repair the equipped armor.

To enchant a Chainmail armor the player must have 1 x Chainmail Armor, 1 x “Mending” Enchantment and an Anvil is the Inventory. The Chainmail armor can be enchanted by placing the Chainmail armor and the “Mending” Enchantment on the Anvil.

How To Make Gigantic Chains In Minecraft.

Another myth regarding chains is that multiple chains could be connected to create a gigantic chain. Well, the idea is not completely absurd, but the only way to create gigantic chains is through connecting cobblestone or any other stone stairs, slabs and blocks.


Ques 1: Can you make chains in Minecraft?

Ans: Yes, the players can make chains in Minecraft with the help of a crafting table, 2 x Iron Nuggets and 1 x Iron Ingot by placing them in the correct arrangement in accordance with the recipe of the chain.

Ques 2: How do you craft a chain?

Ans: Chain can be crafted by using 2 x Iron Nuggets and 1 x Iron Ingot, with Iron Ingot being placed in the centre of the 3×3 crafting grid and with one iron nugget above and below the Iron Ingot respectively.

Ques 3: How do you make chain meals in Minecraft?

Ans: Players can not craft chainmail armors set in Minecraft, the only way to obtain the chainmail armor, leggings, helmet and boots are to trade emeralds with the villagers or loot the zombies or skeletons who are wearing them.

Ques 4: How do you chain something in Minecraft?

Ans: Players can attach an item to the chain by placing the chain at the end of the ceiling or the wall and placing the item that they want to attach at the end of the chain.

Ques 5: How to Make chains in Minecraft 1.16?

Ans: Chains could be made in Minecraft 1.16 the same way explained in the article above.

Ques 6: How to make chains in Minecraft Bedrock?

Ans: Chains could be made in Minecraft Bedrock the same way explained in the article above.

Summing Up The Craft

This article showed you the ins and outs of the Chain piece in the Minecraft world, how to make chains in Minecraft, how to obtain them and how to use them and what to use them for.

Not only that it also told you about the Ways to obtain a Chainmail Armor set and How to Repair chain armor. By reading this article not only you have gained the knowledge to use Chains and Chainmail Armor but also the knowledge of a craftsman.

It’s up to you now go out there and craft some more, your creativity is the limit. Happy Gaming and Happy Crafting Gamers!

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