Pathfinder Kingmaker – The Unwanted Legacy

Pathfinder: Kingmaker – The Unwanted Legacy Quest – All You Need to Win


By Aniket Jain

Hey! Are you a fan of role-playing games? Love to set strategies and follow them in the world of video games? Can spend all day playing these games? Then I’, sure Pathfinder: Kingmaker – The Unwanted Legacy is at the top of your favorite game’s list.

The Pathfinder: Kingmaker – The Unwanted Legacy is basically a companion quest that comes at the beginning of chapter 2 of the game. Today I’m gonna discuss some things about Pathfinder: Kingmaker – The Unwanted Legacy that you should know before start playing. Those are –

  • Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Harris Quest – How to Play and Complete
  • Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Jaethal Quest – Investigate My Death – How to play and complete
  • Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Heart of the Anvil
  • Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Companion Quests
  • Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Unbreakable Metal

So let’s not waste time and start!

Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Harris Quest – How to Play and Complete

In this part, Harris will meet you in the throne room to inform you about some ancient dwarven ruins that he wants to visit. You’ll get the location of these ruins once you meet Ekundayo during Troll Trouble – A Score to Settle.

Take Harris to your party after knowing the location of the ruins. And if you didn’t explore the area before, take the directions given below from the ruined watchtower.

  • Southeast
  • South
  • South
  • South
  • South
  • West

You’ll notice an update to the main quest – Troll Trouble once you enter the Dwarven Ruins. You can find an all-over guide of the place at Troll Trouble – Dwarven Ruins.

Keep approaching through the path until you encounter a group of hostile Kobold warriors. But lose your nerves, buddy! This is a minor issue and can be solved by any party at this level.

After killing the Kobolds, head towards the west, then north. Here you have to encounter two Trollhounds and a regular troll. But they’re just like the Kobolds, no match for your party. Killing them is an easy task. Once you defeat these initial enemies, you’ll then enter the Dwarven ruins to the east.

These ruins are the troll lair that you’ve been searching for. Here in the courtyard, you’ll encounter some enemies, i.e. some Branded Trolls, and some Greater Trollhounds. Killing these enemies is slightly tougher than the previous ones. You have to use your acid weapons, spells, and scrolls nicely.

Pathfinder Kingmaker – Harris Quest
Pathfinder: Kingmaker – The Unwanted Legacy

After defeating these, examine the statue to the east of the entrance to the Troll Lair. It will prompt some dialogue related to the quest. Make sure you do this with Harris at your party.

Now you’re entering the Troll Lair. Hold your breath! Fights are gonna be tougher, and longer! You’ll find a full detailed Troll Lair Map at Troll Trouble: Troll Lair and Troll Trouble: Troll Lair Depths right after you enter the Troll Lair. Except for this, there aren’t many things you really need to care about.

After entering Troll Lair, your first task is to examine the statue of Torag which was demolished by Hargulka when you first entered here. Pass a [Lore (Religion) 15] check in order to unlock the dialogue option. This will provide you an item which you’ll be needing later.

And if you didn’t kill Jason earlier, you’ll encounter him at Troll Lair Depths again, and this time along with some other Trolls and Kobolds. After defeating them, you’ll see a glowing rune on the north-eastern wall. Like on the previous floor, pass a [Lore (World) 17] check to get the dialogue option open. It will help you to be on track.

Once finished here, you’ll need to head towards the throne room of the Troll King, which is located in the far north-west of the Troll Lair Depths. Once you reach there, you’ll get to see an anvil in the center of the room. Here you have to fight with Hargulka and Taruk, and after defeating them, you’ll be able to interact with the anvil.

Pass a hidden [Lore (Religion) 17] check while interacting with the anvil and pick the associated dialogue choice. If you successfully examined all four relics and passed all the three hidden skill checks, Harris should punch the anvil twice for you, and you’ll get the Heart of the Anvil along with some extra XP.

Don’t forget to hold onto the Heart of the Anvil. It’ll be proved useful later on. Here you complete the Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Harris Quest. You’ll get to see the exit from the ruins to the southwest of the throne room.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Jaethal Quest – Investigate My Death – How to Play and Complete

You’ll acquire this quest through a kingdom event during chapter 2 of Troll Trouble of the game.

Jaethal will come to you at your throne room to cite an urgent matter. She doubts that a traveling merchant named Ennio is responsible for, or has something to do with her death. Ennio has the old dagger of Jaethal, and this is her evidence.

An investigation must be followed. Though Ennio is claiming that he found the dagger in the carcass of a boar in the Old Sycamore area.

 Investigate My Death
Investigate My Death

To start the quest, include Jaethal in your party. Now your adventure of Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Jaethal Quest begins.

You have to reach the Old sycamore area at first. To reach, use the directions given below –

  • North-east
  • North
  • North-east
  • North-east
  • North-west
  • East

Head towards the Old Sycamore Depths located to the north beyond the entrance of the Old sycamore area. Once the land opens up, turn north-east. You’ll get to see a boar right below a cliff edge at the center-left of the region.

Interact with its corpse in order to trigger a dialogue with Jaethal. She will determine that the boar must have got the wounds somewhere else, traveled a far distance, then died here. She also notices that the wounds of the boar might be inflicted by a dagger.

You have to pass the initial Lore (Nature) check to get the option to choose the dialogue of Jaethal’s observations. Once you have all the information, you have to proceed west to the Thorn River Bank area.

After reaching here, follow the streams to the west until it bends southwest. You’ll find a trap at the west. Ignore it for now, find a pile of rocks west of the stream to score an Ancient Rostlandic Coin.

Follow the stream southwest to find two Dire Boars, kill them, then again come back to the east to find a small hill along the south-eastern corner of the map. Upon the hill, you’ll find a Potion of Shield of Faith.

Return to the point where you killed the boars, and from there, head west and northwest through the gap of the rocks. You’ll find here a log with some minor loot.

North-east of the log are three traps. Send your stealthiest trickster to disarm the traps. Then you have to encounter a group of five Young Elves to the northwest.

After killing the elves, Jaethal will revive one of them using a dialogue. Ask her why they attacked you, and then ask for advice from your companions before deciding her fate.

After this, loot the elves. You’ll get a variety of masterwork weapons. Once the area is cleared, all you need to do is to return to your capital, talk to Jaethal about discovering Ennio. Jaethal will express her intentions of finding him alone, and here the quest will be completed.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Heart of the Anvil

Heart of the Anvil is the ending point of the Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Harris Quest. Here you have to talk to the anvil after reaching the throne room of the Troll King.

Pathfinder Kingmaker - Heart of the Anvil
Pathfinder Kingmaker – Heart of the Anvil

And after completing all successfully, your companion Harris will punch the anvil twice. This will lead you to get the Heart of the Anvil.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Companion Quests

There are 35 different companion quests in Pathfinder: Kingmaker. Here is the complete list –

  • A Bard’s Calling
  • A-Fest of Feasts
  • A Matter of Principle
  • A Score to Settle
  • A Task for the Sweet Teeth
  • Blood Calling
  • Burning Bridges
  • Bury the Past
  • Chase My Shadow
  • Cruel Justice
  • Easier to Ask Forgiveness…
  • Equilibrium (Quest)
  • Hand of the Technic League
  • Highborn at Heart
  • Investigate My Death
  • Judgment of the Gods
  • Kingdom of the Cleansed (quest)
  • No Man’s Slave
  • Nok-Nok and the Great Mother
  • Nok-Nok and the King’s Return
  • Nok-Nok and the Trouble with Goblins
  • Pariah
  • Prove Your Worth
  • Reforged Blade
  • Renowned Explorer
  • Reveal My Destiny
  • Saving Grace
  • Shelyn’s Chosen
  • Sorrowflow
  • The Door to Nowhere
  • The Price of Curiosity
  • The Unmaking
  • Turncoats
  • Unbreakable Metal
  • Unwanted Legacy

Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Unbreakable Metal

Pathfinder Kingmaker - Unbreakable Metal
Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Unbreakable Metal

This too is a companion quest where your companion will be Harris. He will approach you in your throne room with a request for help with his kin that has put themselves into trouble.

In order to complete the quest, you have to head towards the northwest of the capital to Lost Dwarven Fortress. There you have to encounter the Adamantine Golem who’s threatening his kin.

Once you won the battle, you will earn 2400 XP, followed by the Heart of the Golem which will complete the quest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it mandatory to make Harris in my party in Harris quest?

Taking Harris to your party in Harris Quest will give you many advantages in completing the quest. However, it’s Harris who’ll help you to get the Heart of the Anvil which will complete the quest.

Is it mandatory to take Jaethal in my party in Jaethal Quest?

Yes. Without her, you can’t proceed in the quest, and never will be able to finish it.

Is there a time limit in Pathfinder Kingmaker?

No, there’s no time limit in Pathfinder Kingmaker.

Can I play Pathfinder with 2 players?

Pathfinder is a single-player game and currently is not available for multi-player mode.

How many companions can I have in Pathfinder Kingmaker?

You can take maximum 5 characters as companions in Pathfinder.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker – The Game of Strategies

You’ll find it a great adventure playing Pathfinder: Kingmaker – The Unwanted Legacy with full of quests, fights, rewards, and many more. Make a good strategy, follow it correctly, and win the game! All the best!

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