Resident Evil 3 Safe Code

All About Resident Evil 3 Safe Code And Combinations!


By Juhi Kanojia

Resident Evil 3 Safe Code popularity in the gaming community is not unknown to anyone. One of the most vital parts of this game is its locker codes and safe combinations.

The safes and lockers are always nearby you in the whole game. However, these codes are scattered all over the game. You need to know the correct solutions and where to look for them in the game.

The safe codes and combinations are the same for everyone and all playthroughs. We have provided you with a detailed guide of all resident evil 3 safe codes and combinations.

Know About Resident Evil 3 First Safe Code

The first safe code in Resident Evil 3 refers to the Aqua Cure Safe. This safe is located in the downtown storage room inside the Pharmacy building.

The code for this safe is 9 Left, 1 Right, and 8 Left. Open this to get the dot sight for the handgun.

Resident Evil 3 Safe Code
Resident Evil 3 Safe Code

Get To Know About The Resident Evil 3 Safe Code Aqua Cure Poster

The Aqua Cure Poster is in the pharmacy building and it contains the safe combination for Downtown. The safe combination code that is found on this poster is 9 Left, 1 Right, and 8 Left.

This is an important resident evil 3 safe code that every player wants at their fingertips.

All Resident Evil 3 Remake Safe Codes- Here’s What They Contain!

There are a total of 3 major safes in Resident Evil 3 Remake version. All these safes contain one valuable item. Mostly they contain unique weapon attachments.

These attachments are very vital for all players.

List Of Re3 Remake Safe Codes

We have provided you with details of all the safety codes and locations

Safe Location                   Code location                     Code                           Contents

Downtown, Shop Storage RoomInside the Pharmacy Building, on the Aqua Cure poster9L, 1R, 8LDot Sight (Handgun)
Police Station, West OfficeSaferoom at the bottom of the main stairwell9L, 15R, 7LHip Pack
Hospital, Nurses’ StationOperating Room9R, 3LDual Magazine

All Residents Evil 3 Locker Codes And Locations

There are two lockers in the Police Station that can be unlocked with three-digit letter codes, unlike the number dials before. They don’t have many valuable things inside, but it’s important to know about them-

  • Shower Room (2F): CAP
  • Stairwell (3F): DCM

What Does The Re 3 Reenlistment Code Mean?

RE-3 code in the game means individuals who are unqualified for Continued Army Service. However, it is waiverable using other codes.

Find Out Re3 Police Station Locker Code

There are two lockers in the police station in Resident Evil 3 one in the Shower Room and another in the Stairwell.

The code for the Police Station locker is 9 Left, 15 Right, and 7 Left. These lockers contain Hip Pack (+2 Inventory slots).

Resident Evil 3 Safe Code
Resident Evil 3 Safe Code

Ways To Reenlistment Code Re 3

To waiver the RE-3 code you need to work along with a recruiter in the game who will help you to initiate a waiver request.

Do Resident Evil 3 Cheats Work?

Unfortunately No! No cheat codes actually work in the Resident Evil 3 remake. Under no circumstances can you use any cheat codes to make your game easier.

Try lowering the difficulty level if required.

How To Beat Nemesis Re Code 3?

While fighting Nemesis, keep running around in circles and dodging his attacks. Hit him with a Flame round from your grenade launcher. After a few shots, Carlos will arrive to help you out.

The Resident Evil 3 Subway Code

The Subway train route code for the Resident Evil 3 Remake puzzle is- RE-01. FA-02. RA-03. This puzzle will help you drive the train.

Know All Resident Evil 3 Unlockables

There are several Resident Evil 3 unlockables in the game-

  • Samurai Edge Pistol
  • Nightmare and Inferno Difficulty
  • Hot Dogger Knife
  • MUP Pistol
  • Lockpick
  • Boltcutters
  • Rai-Den
  • Crafting Companion
  • Hip Pouch
  • STARS Combat Manual
  • Assault Coin
  • Iron Defense Coin
  • Recovery Coin
  • CQBR Assault Rifle
  • Rocket Launcher

What Are The Resident Evil 3 Cheat Codes?

Unlike other games where you can use various cheat codes to make your gameplay easier, it is not possible in the Resident Evil 3 remake. Adjusting the difficulty level is the only solution.

Difference between reenlistment code re3 and re4

An RE3 code is normally waiverable and can be enlisted again. However, the RE4 code cannot be re-enlisted again.

Resident Evil 3 Safe Code West Office

The West Office is the same as in Resident Evil 2- Left 9, Right 15, and Left 7. There is no need to find the code first, but if you want to find it for the sake of it, it is in a report in the police station safe room.

Resident Evil 3 Safe Code
Resident Evil 3 Safe Code

Know About Resident Evil 3 Safe Code Downtown

Out of all resident evil 3 safe codes and combinations, the downtown is an important one. You will find the first safe in an upstairs room across the street from the pharmacy in the first downtown area.

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The drugstore owner’s journal next to that will point you towards an “Aqua Cure Queen” for the combination.

Straight up go to the pharmacy and find a big poster. The phone number on it is ringed highlighting the numbers and directions of the downtown safe code- 9L 1R 8L or 9L 3R 7L.

Resident Evil 3 Safe Code Carlos Hospital

This particular safe is located in the Nurse’s Station room of the Carlos Hospital. The combination to open this safe is 9 Left and 3 Right. The solution can be found in the Operations Room.

Know More About Resident Evil 3 Safe Code Ps1

Playing Resident Evil 3 on PS1 has never been easier with all the safety codes and combinations. In all the different playthroughs you can use these safe codes and combinations we have provided you here.

Resident Evil 3 Safe Code Xbox One

Xbox one premium access also allows you to play Resident Evil 3 on both the Xbox One console and your Windows 10/11 PC. The code and combination remain the same even for playing on Xbox.

Who Is Resident Evil 3, Carlos?

Carlos Oliveria was a mercenary for the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service. And in Resident Evil 3, he is a fan-loved and playable character.

Know About The Lockpick Rs3

The lockpick is an optional item in the first playthrough of the game. The lockpick provides greater access to first aid sprays, ammo, and weapon parts.

Resident Evil 3 Safe Code

Is Resident Evil 3 remaking Carlos into a playable character?

It is a moment of joy for the fans that Carlos is a playable character in Resident Evil 3. This comes naturally once you cross the downtown subway.


1. How Do You Get Infinite Ammo In Resident Evil 3?

Infinite ammo is an in-game reward that you can buy from the store after finishing the story.

2. What Is The Safe Code In Resident Evil 3, Carlos?

There are several safe codes for three different safes.

  • Downtown Safe – 9L 1R 8L or 9L 3R 7L.
  • Police Station, West Office –  9L 15R and 7L
  • Hospital, Nurses’ Station – 9R, 3L

3. How Do You Get The Magnum In Resident Evil 3?

After completing the Hospital Section and curing Jill you can get the .44 Magnum.

4. How Do You Get An S Rank In Resident Evil 3?

To get an S rank you require to beat the game in 1hour 45mins without saving it more than 5 times.

To Summarize

There are multiple resident evil 3 safe codes and combinations in the game. We have tried to provide you with all the solutions and access codes. Hope you use them in your gameplay!

Happy Gaming!

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