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By Shubham Lavania

The age of Decadence console commands is a role-playing video game that is developed by the Iron Tower studio and for Microsoft windows.

It is set up in a low-magic world and is inspired by the fall of the Roman Empire and aims to return to the golden era and emphasizes the choices and provides various solutions to the quests.

The player can choose from the backgrounds and professions at the start of the game. These choices range from the honor-bound knight to the crafty grifter.

The different characters result in different backgrounds for the game and it determines the initial relationship of the character to the features.

For instance, if the player chooses a thief then the player will start as a member of the Thieves guild and get bonuses with the thieves/ The backgrounds do not determine.

The classes of the player and do not restrict the various features offered by the individuals.

A lot of people ask about the age of decadence console commands which can be opened in the game and then the commands can be typed into the prompt by pressing the grave key.

It is also possible to break the game with the help of these commands both in spirit and keeping in mind the technicality.

The saved files should always be backed up in case of any emergency. Some of the most popular commands in the game are-

1. Adding the skill points using the command dlgaddskillpoints(x)

2. The starting points can be changed before x by typing another number.

3. A specific skill can also be changed by placing another number before x by dlgChangeTraining(y,x).

4. The reputation can also be changed by placing a + or – sign before the number to raise or lower its value.

Age of decadence power armor

Age Of Decadence Power Armor

The power armor in the game is one of the finest pre-war armors and is fashioned from tempered blue steel and with raw power, it is harnessed from the other planes.

It augments the natural abilities and makes up a protective shield to restrict the incoming blows. The armor can be acquired in the Ganezzar after the player accepts the quest in the Merchants Plaza.

It comes with a non-removable power armor that has a gauntlet and can be used whenever the player wears a helmet.

The armor has three different modes and is Apis, Anubis, and Horus and they require at least one power module pre-installed for proper functioning. 

The modules can be changed by right-clicking on the gauntlet at the bottom of the screen and then after the armor is activated the player can select the mode they prefer Age of Decadence console commands.

The Apis, Horus, and Anubis strength can be varied according to the requirement of the player.

Age Of Decadence Endings

There are many different endings in the game and they are mentioned below-

  • In the No one reigns endings if the player flees in the ziggurat the player is not supposed to open the sarcophagus and leave. The achievement, in this case, is the sleeping dogs.
  • If the player is successful in killing Agatoth then they can don so via combat or by blowing up the entire region and the achievement is a godless world.
  • In the NPC reign region all the unclocked achievements are Novus Ordo Seclorum and in the Adidas reigns the Agathoth can be awakened and then the Adidas can be convinced to be his servant.
  • In the serenas reign, the Anathoth is awakened and then serenas is to be convinced to act as his servant and in the Meru reign convince Meru to ct as the servant. 
  • In the Miltidas reign in Teron all the Miltiades side quests have to be completed that start in the market and end when he is standing opposite the Feng’s house and he gives several hundred golds to the player.

There are many other endings that the player can choose from and they are available on different websites.

Age of decadence cheats
Age of decadence endings

Age Of Decadence Cheats

To activate the console commands the user has to press the “~” button and the various cheat codes that can then be typed are-

1. To add the quantity of the item the dlgAddItem.

2. To change the rank range that varies from 0 to 58 the user can dlgAddRank.

3. To add the general skill points the command dlgAddSkillPoints (x).

4. Either the negative or the positive value can be added to increase or decrease the dlgChangeCharacyerHP (x).

5. The negative or positive value that has been assigned can be changed further by dlgChangeMaxHP (x).

6. Either the body count, the honor, duration, and the Aurelian, etc can be changed by dlgChangeRep (rep,x).

7. The skill set can not go past 10 and the negative value to the lower skill and the names of the skill can be very general like the dagger, dodge by dlgChangeSkill (skill name,x).

There are many other commands that can be used to change the various features of the game and many of these commands are mentioned on the different websites online.

Age Of Decadence Guide

This is a roleplay story game and the idea of the game is to explore, read the dialogues, and make decisions at the same instant.

In the game, one can combat a monster and can have a lot of fun while killing the stuff based in combat and or avoid all of it altogether.

One of the major temptations in the game is to beat every skill challenge that the player comes across and the game is like life in which the player cannot be good at everything but has to choose a skill they wish to master and work hard to do so.

The game has a lot of depth and all the things are intertwined with one another.

Not many quests are available to every class and it is one of the cool quests that can be oriented and the skills can match the class. There are many civil skills and some of these mentioned below-

1. The Lock-pick but is not very useful if the thief is found.

2. Sneak is a skill that is used can be helpful in different characters for the thieves and assassins.

3. Traps can be used to ask people who have more knowledge about the game.

4. Steak skill is very important for a thief.

5. Disguise is a very useful skill later in the game and is very fun to use.

Cheat engine age of decadence

Cheat Engine Age Of Decadence

The ck2 cheats engine can be started while character creation and set all the starts to 4 and then search the exact value and go back to Aod and search for the increased value and repeat the steps to narrow down.

Age Of Decadence Power Tubes

It is a small glass tube that is encased in a metal framework and Is very warm to touch and appears to be constantly tiring in liquid fire.

The power modules are used in many different games like the Ghost hand, the power armor, the bolter crossbow, and the old facility hangar control panel.


Age of decadence has become a very popular role-playing game in the steam community and many people look for the various cheat codes that can be used in the game.

Since it is a relatively newer game, many people look for a guide to the game.

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