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If a user has a lot of games on their Steam account, they can’t play all of them simultaneously and in such a case it is natural that they have to hide the games that they don’t use or play frequently. HOW TO SEE HIDDEN GAMES ON STEAM?

But if nostalgia hits the person and they want to revisit the games that they have hidden to play those games again they usually ask how does steam shows hidden games.

How Does Steam View Hidden Games?

To view the hidden games on steam without further ado the user can-

1. The user has to log into the steam account using the credentials.

2. Click on the drop-down menu which is located on the top left corner of the homepage.

3. Next, select the hidden games that the user wants to revisit.

4. A list of all the hidden games will reappear on the home screen of the user.

The hidden games collection functions in a similar way as all other collections on steam and therefore, it is very important that the user categorizes all the games to arrange them as they want to. The hidden games category is not a new thing and it has existed on the steam application for years but is not renowned.


Valve has recently overhauled the client and then significantly polished the library which looks sleek now and the whole client has become much more transparent for better use. HOW TO SEE HIDDEN GAMES ON STEAM?

How To Unhide Games On Steam?

For the people who do not know how to use the hide game feature properly, this guide will help them to understand the process to unhide games in steam. To do so the user has to follow the steps mentioned below-

1. Start and launch the steam application on the device.

2. Click on the library.

3. Choose the game that they would want to hide or unhide.

4. Right-click on the game and in the management and choose to select the game that they want to unhide from the drop-down menu.

5. Them a pop-up will come which will move into the main list of the unhidden games. If the game needs to be removed from the list then the user has to click on the Steam client and then on view. From here in the hidden games list select the game that is to hide and then it will disappear from the list and appear on the hidden list of the application library.

How Do I See All My Games On Steam?

Many users ask about how to see all of the games in the application and an alternative method to hide or unhide the games. As the client of steam is freshly updated there is an alternative method to access the hidden games.

The games can also be accessed directly from the games library and to do so the steps mentioned below are to be followed-

1. Open the steam application and then click on the library.

2. Type the name of the hidden game in the search field and then make sure that the menu is properly selected.

3. Click on the plus icon which is located right next to the left of the hidden option.

4. The game would appear and pop up.

This process is helpful only if the user remembers the name of the game that was hidden in the past. This technique is helpful when the view menu is not a helpful option and is a better choice than the view menu in most cases. This is one of the most common problems and is one of the most faq while dealing with the steam application.

What Happens When You Hide A Game On Steam?

Many people tend to confuse with hiding and removing games and both of these are completely different. The hidden games can be accessed by the user at any point in time and they can be installed and played all over the game.

On the other hand, the games that are deleted are lost forever from the account and cannot be reinstalled. Once a game is removed there is no coming back and to draw a game on steam the user has to follow certain steps-

1. Log in to the application and then click on library.

2. Select the game that is to be removed and then right-click on it and press manage.

3. Select the remove from account option and then confirm the prompt that comes up on the screen. The selected game will then be removed permanently.

The remove feature on the game cannot work on all the features and the user can only remove the free games that have been obtained because of the promotions or other events. HOW TO SEE HIDDEN GAMES ON STEAM? The games that have been paid for or have been received as a gift cannot be removed and the only way to get rid of them is if the user decided to hide them.

Xbox One Unhide Games

If the achievement history of the player does not have anything unlocked then the user can hide the games from the list by following the procedure mentioned below-

1. Press the Xbox button and open the guide.

2. Select the achievements column and then see all the achievements.

3. Highlight the game that is to be hidden and then the hidden tip would appear in the highlighted field.

4. Press the x button on the controller to finally hide the game.


To toggle between the different games the user can select the filter icon and choose the only visible games options. The process of unhiding a game is similar to the above-mentioned process, the only difference being to view the hidden games list.

How Do I Play Hidden Games On Steam?

To play the hidden games the user has to log into the account using the right credentials and then click on the view drop-down menu. After this, they need to click on the top left corner of the homepage of the application.

Select hidden games and then a list will appear which would include all the games that have been hidden previously. The user can then select all the games that they wish to unhide and then play them.


All the tricks that can be used to view, add, hide or unhide the games on the steam application are mentioned in the article above and it is very beneficial as it allows the user to quench their nostalgia.


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