Kingdom Come Deliverance Console Commands: Dream-Guide

Kingdom Come Deliverance Console Commands: Dream-Guide

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By Shubham Lavania

Do you feel using a bow and arrow with complete accuracy is quite tricky in KCD? It’s due to the lack of kingdom come deliverance console commands Fortunately, we have a command for this which adds an aiming reticle whenever you use a bow. And it’s even easy to turn it off, just you have to replace the 1 with a 0.

Turn bow crosshair onwh_pl_showfirecursor 1Change 1 to 0 to turn it back off.
Turn HUD offg_showHUD 0Change 0 to 1 to turn it back on.
Turn Compass offwh_ui_showCompass 0Change 0 to 1 to turn it back on.
Change field of view cl_fov XChange X to FOV value. The menu has 60, 65, 70, and 75 as standard options.
Quit to desktopqQuits immediately without saving.
Change view distancee_ViewDistRatio XReplace X with value, the default is 500.
Change view distance for trees onlye_ViewDistRatioVegetation XReplace X with value, the default is 500.
Change view distance for other plantse_MergedMeshesInstanceDist XReplace X with value, the default is 20.
Change motion blurr_MotionBlur XReplace X with 0 for off, 1 for the camera only, and 2 for default.
Change gravityp_gravity_z XReplace X with value. The default is -13. Doesn’t seem to be active.
Turn off vsyncr_vsync 0Turns off sync to potentially increase FPS, but the difference isn’t clear.

In the same manner, there are a number of Kingdom Come Console Commands using which you can make your Kingdom Come Deliverance plays easy and simple, but unfortunately, you won’t find any cheats to this.

Don’t Worry! The console commands to Kingdom Come Deliverance is enough to make your gameplay smooth and easy in no time.

In this guide, we will be providing you with each and every single console command and also listing out the way it works. So, if you wanna know our complete track then have a look at our TOC below-

Kingdom Come Deliverance Console Commands

Console commands are limited to some versions. The Kingdom Come Deliverance console commands that we have listed in our guide work fine for the final retail version of Kingdom Come Deliverance, if you are using the outdated one then update it to its latest version.

To give you the best and only working commands we left out the ones that have been patched out by KCD. Unfortunately, the commands being patched by the game were the ones working as cheats.

But before moving ahead to the commands list, you must know-

How To Type In Console Command?

Kingdom Come Deliverance Console Commands: Dream-Guide

To start typing in a console command, first, you need to press the tilde (`) key during your gameplay at any moment.

But, While doing so will I be an easy target for my rivals? We will be there for you, Just Kidding! To avoid this you can move into the inventory system during your gameplay and then press the key.

So, with this, you don’t have to worry about getting attacked in the open world of KCD.

Now, here comes the list of Console Commands that you can input, as per your requirement

1. wh_plshowfirecursor 1

This console command will make your Kingdom Come Deliverance bow reticle after which it will be easy for you to hit with accuracy. Since using an arrow or any other long-ranged weapon is quite difficult, this command gives an additional accuracy bonus.

To turn off the Kingdom come deliverance bow crosshair just simply replace 1 with 0.

2. cl_fov X

Using this code you can change the FOV range. The default range is limited to only four values: 60, 65, 70, and 75. For this when you type this command in your console just replace the X with your desired range where you want your FOV slider.

3. r_vsync 0

This command is used to turn Vsync off, it’s a unique command and even hard to tell if it’s actually working or not during gameplay.

4. g_showHUD 0

The console command is used to remove the HUD of Kingdom Come Deliverance completely. Simply replace 0 with 1 to turn it on and vice versa.

5. wh_ui_showCompass 0

This command helps you to hide the compass in the on-screen HUD somewhere at the top. To unhide replace the 0 with 1.

6. e_ViewDistRatio X

As you know the standard draw distance in your Kingdom Come Deliverance is limited to 500, but using this command you can set it at your desired value. For this, you just have to replace the X with the desired figure.

7. e_MergedMeshesInstanceDist X

Using this command will draw distance for animated grass in the game. The default value is set to 20, but replacing the X with your desired range will come into effect.

What after inputting the command?

Kingdom Come Deliverance Console Commands: Dream-Guide

Once you input the command in your console, simply press enter, and after this press the “tilde key” again.

Done! You will be back in the game and if you are in your game inventory then simply move back to your game arena to enjoy the gameplay with input command in action.

If you are still confused about cheats over different gaming community forums, then here’s everything about the-

Kingdom Come Deliverance Cheats PC

Kingdom Come Deliverance Console Commands: Dream-Guide

As you know previously when Kingdom Come Deliverance was in its alpha stage or we can say the time when it started getting popular, there were amazing deals and many more console commands in the game.

But unfortunately in the latest version cheats and more have been removed.

Keep an eye on our page for any cheats if get added to the console commands, we will definitely add them to our list.

At present, if you see any cheats of Kingdom Come Deliverance elsewhere, like on any other gaming community forums then probably it won’t work.

That’s all about the cheats and their validation, now, have a look at some commonly asked-


After covering almost everything about Kingdom Come console commands in this guide, we can say that Console commands are created to make your game simple and easy.

And so using them is not illegal. Kingdom Come Deliverance Crosshair can be used with ease by simply applying the command we listed above.

Feel free to use any of the listed codes and let us know if you found any working cheat over the web.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to input console commands Kingdom Come Deliverance?

To input commands in your console in between your game, you just have to press the tilde (`) key. After this, the console will open, and now can type your desired command.

2. Is Kingdom Come Deliverance console commands cheats still working?

Sadly, in the latest version, these cheats have been removed and will not be working. You might get some cheats, but high chances that it won’t work.

3. Is there any console command to make Kingdom Come bow reticle?

Fortunately, we have such code that makes the KCD bow reticle. Also, if you have a question regarding the archery reticle, this command will work for both- wh_plshowfirecursor 1.

4. Should I allow Straw to kill the Bandit?

As you know Straw will burst in search of blood. There it comes the choice as per the situation you can either take him down or let him kill the Bandit.

5. Is there any possibility that you can become king in Kingdom Come: Deliverance?

In the game, you have been given the role of a humble soldier where it’s your duty to make important decisions. But as the game is based on history thus, unfortunately, you can not become the King.


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