Escape from Tarkov Weapon Modding Guide

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Get the most out of your gun with mods.

If you have played Escape from Tarkov, you know how complicated the game is. It is also heart-racing and anxiety-inducing. However, maybe you haven’t played it. Get ready to take hours out of your life to understand it truly. You have to take your time, or you may lose all of the excellent Tarkov items that you earned. The only thing to help reduce this stress is getting better at the game and understanding the game more.

One essential way to make yourself feel better is by making your guns a bit better. I say a little bit better because, as I said earlier, if you die, then you lose your current items on you. No one wants to spend time upgrading their weapons only to lose them in the next raid. Sadly, you don’t have much choice.

Let’s jump into this weapon modding guide so that you can feel a little bit better in Escape from Tarkov. Before we jump in, though, it is essential to know that modding weapons in this game is very extensive, it might be hard to grasp just by reading thoroughly, but this should help get you started.

Alright, let’s go!

What Is Weapon Modding?

Weapon modding in Escape from Tarkov is applying different modifications and attachments to make your gun better. Yeah, it might sound simple, but it can get profound and in-depth. There are three different mod types that players should be aware of. There are many other mods in each category; your best bet is to store them in a sicc case or your stash.

The following list contains the mod types:

  • Vital Parts – These mods are essential. Required mods are needed to build your gun. Weapons need all of their essential parts, or they won’t work.
  • Vital Mods include barrels, gas blocks, handguards, pistol grips, receivers, and slides. Strong mods can significantly impact muzzle velocity and ergonomics, depending on what part you are using.
  • Functional Mods – These mods work like attachments; they are external and can be attached easily.
  • Functional Mods include bipods, foregrips, flashlights, auxiliary parts, sights, and muzzles. Muzzles and scopes lower ergonomics drastically; you can counter them by installing foregrips or underbarrels.
  • Gear Mods – Gear mods are extra mods that help push your weapons to the limit.
  • Gear Mods include charging handles, magazines, mounts, and stocks. Gear mods are great for adding additional functional mods. Some guns might need to equip a mount to use a scope.

Weapon Stats

There are several stats that weapons have in Escape from Tarkov. These can be increased or decreased depending on the mod installed. The mods you get from Raids, or the Tarkov market will help change these stats drastically. It is essential to know what these stats do. Aiming and firing a gun differs from other shooters due to extremely high recoil and handling.

The following list contains essential weapon stats:

  • Weight – A weapon’s weight affects how fast you aim down the sights. It also affects how fast your stamina drains while aiming down sights. A gun with a higher weight will take longer to seek. It doesn’t matter how high its ergonomics is.
  • Ergonomics – This is a vital stat if you want to handle your weapons better. Ergonomics affects reload speed, ADS speed, and switching to other weapons.
  • Accuracy – This stat affects how close your shots are to where you are aiming. It determines your bullet spread.
  • Sighting Range – A stat that affects how far your zoom is when ADS.
  • Vertical Recoil – Determines how much your weapon kicks vertically (up and down) when firing.
  • Horizontal Recoil – Determines how much your weapon kicks horizontally (side to side) when firing.
  • Muzzle Velocity – Determines your bullet speed and bullet drop.

Examine Your Weapon and Mods

There are a lot of mods in this game. Some work with multiple weapon types, and others don’t. Before buying a mod for your weapon from the Tarkov market, examine everything that you can. Check your weapon’s modding screen to see what mods can be added. Also, read the mod’s window screen as well.

The mod’s window screen to the right will show if the mod is compatible with any of the weapons you have. Pay attention; you don’t want to waste precious resources on a mod that you can’t even use.


In short, learning how to mod your weapons in Escape from Tarkov is a learning process. Once you get your hands on it, you can play around with it. This guide provided the basics to get you started and headed in the right direction. Creating a weapon that suits your need is most important. The only way to do that is by examining all the Tarkov items and mods you have.

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