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Know The Best Way To Level Fast Ark Survival Evolved


By Juhi Kanojia

You need to be aware of the hacks in order to level up rapidly in this game, which is set in a prehistoric past. How to level up your character should be your primary priority.

Despite its enormous popularity, there is one issue that players must deal with in the game: levelling up. Although it is exhausting, there won’t be any issues if you know how to do it properly.

How To Level Up Quickly In Ark

Levelling up is extremely important in this game because everything depends on it including- the weight you can carry, the damage you can take, and how much you can give out.

Here we have found the best way to level fast ark survival evolved, just follow our guide to quickly progress in the game.

How To Level Up Quickly In Ark

Here, we’ll make an effort to give you access to all the legal means of levelling up your game character swiftly. Just keep going after them.

1. Make sure to keep Crafting

Crafting is one legitimate and easy technique to earn experience and levelling up in the game. There are specific objects which will provide you with great XP.

If you keep crafting items such as spark powder or torches in bulk, it will provide you with large amounts of XP. These don’t cost much but provide high XP.

Building wooden items will also provide you with XP, which you can use later for levelling up your character.

2. Farm Resources Collection

Another important way of levelling up and increasing XP is farming and collecting resources. Keep building a variety of chests and fill them up with wood, stone, flint and fibre. You can gather any materials that are easily available from the surroundings.

There are certain benefits of this, it will not only provide you with enough resources for crafting but also will boost your XP much more quickly.

Although it might be a boring way of gaining XP, it actually pays off in the long run.

3. Joining a Tribe

Joining a tribe is the easiest way to advance in ARK: Survival Evolved.

It will also grant you bonus experience if you are within 100m of another member while they are earning their XP. This will help you increase your level much quicker than usual.

You just have to coordinate with your other tribe members. Before going into the game you must reach out and chat with your teammates and see if anyone’s recruiting.

4. Tame a Dinosaur for levelling up

You need to tame a dinosaur not forgetting additional experience, but rather to hunt other stronger dinosaurs that are not possible to hunt alone.

If you can tame Raptors, then you can use them to kill Stegosauruses. They are easy to kill and will provide you with XP. Stegosauruses are found near water sources, so try and stay by that area.

If you keep repeating this process, you will realize how quickly you will progress in the game in a very short span of time.

5. Punch Dodos and other small animals will reward you with XP

Another extremely legitimate and effective technique to gain XP quickly is by picking on smaller animals like Dodos and Lystrosauruses. You must attempt to beat them to death.

These animals won’t be fighting back, but they will try and run away. And when they do, just hunt them down and kill them.

This will not give you a lot of experience, but if you keep repeating this, it will boost up your level quickly with smaller attempts. Once you get better access to weapons and pet dinosaurs you can aim for bigger animals such as Dilophosaureses, Oviraptors and Iguandons.

Even though these dinosaurs will retaliate but they won’t give you much trouble. You need to save yourself and keep attacking them.

As you kill more animals, your experience level also increases and you will be levelling up in the game.

6. Collect Explorer Notes to level up

Collecting explorer notes is another great way of levelling up quickly in ARK: Survival Evolved.

All you need to do is just find them. They are found all over the map near ruins inside different chests.

These will inform you about various creatures and tell you how previous survivors tackled things. And most importantly it will provide you with a huge experience to level up in the game.

Ark Extra XP Methods

There are some other ways of earning XP that were not mentioned in the above-mentioned list of the best way to level fast ark survival evolved.

These previously mentioned hacks of levelling up are pretty easy and don’t involve any such danger, however some other off-beat ways of gaining XP and levelling up come with danger.

How To Level Up Quickly In Ark

Tasks like farming resources, and crafting rafts are extremely dull and boring, therefore it is better to try some adventurous tasks to gain XP very quickly. And it is great fun to do these daring tasks.

Killing Alpha Raptors And Rexes

If you plan on scoring some extra XP to level up your character you gotta do some dring tasks such as killing dinosaurs. Killing Alpha Raptor and Rexes will award you with a great deal of extra XPs and will help in levelling up quickly in the game.

Although, you also need to keep in mind that these dinosaurs are very difficult to hunt if you are in the process of levelling up and have not yet established yourself with high XP on the map.

You must take this course of action only when you have tribe mates and some decent pet dinosaurs. In such a case go for hunting the Alpha T-Rexes. Although you can go for the Alpha Raptors if you are not very well equipped.

Alpha Raptors are comparatively easier to hunt than Alpha T-Rexes.

Have Your Tribe Mates Craft Rafts To Gain Additional XP

If you are too tired to do boring activities in the game, you don’t have to give up. You can always get someone else to do work for you. You can always get your tribemates to build rafts for you and you will get shared XP.

Even with shared XP, it will be extremely easy to level up quickly.

Another way to gain XP easily is when your tribemates are building rafts and someone is also pumping a grinder full of resources. Combining both these will cost you a lot, but nothing in this game will push your level as much as this will do in the Ark.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best thing to level up in ark?

There are a number of things that you can level up in Ark. we will list the top 10 items that you must keep levelling up as you move ahead in the game. These are-

  • Weight- Levelling up weight is very important, it helps you carry more effective armor and resources.
  • Health- Levelling up health will also increase your life level in fights.
  • Stamina- Stamina is very important for performing various tasks.
  • Movement Speed- Increasing the speed level will help you run very fast when required.
  • Melee Damage- Melee damage upgrade is very important to take down your opponents.
  • Fortitude- Increasing your fortitude level will also increase your Torpidity knockout threshold.
  • Food- Levelling up your food will also help in decreasing your constant need for food.
  • Water- Levelling up the water level will also help you survive.
  • Oxygen- Increasing your Oxygen level also helps in increasing your breathing capacity underwater.
  • Crafting Skill- Levelling up your crafting skill enables you to craft various items and gain XP more quickly.

2. What items give the most XP in the ark?

Two major items- Sparkpowder and Torches give you the maximum amount of XP in Ark. You should try collecting these two whenever you come across them.

3. What should I level up first in the ark?

The top 10 items you must level up in Arka are- Weight, Health, Stamina, Movement speed, Melee damage, Fortitude, Food, Water, Oxygen and Crafting skills.

To Wrap Up

We hope that now we are able to provide you with the best way to level fast ark survival evolved and improve your gameplay. It might be a boring job to constantly look for XP to level up, but doing this will vastly help you immensely in the game.

Apart from that, we have also given you alternative ways to earn XP and level up in the game. It is also suggested that you follow those additional directives to level up quickly in the game.

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