What Do Beans Do In Among Us

What Do Beans Do In Among Us?


By Aniket Jain

The recent update of Innersloth enables all players to obtain Beans as a reply for fans of Among Us by playing a normal online game only. When the game ends, each player will receive Beans as a reward, which doesn’t matter whether they were on the winning or losing team.

You can use the Beans to buy various customizations at the in-game shop. In addition, you can get Pods in the new update and obtain them while activating Cosmicube throughout the game.

The function of Pods is to unlock new pathways, which come with exclusive cosmetics with the Cosmicube activated. Fortunately, you can buy Cosmicubes with either Stars or Beans.

You can get cosmetics, pets, and bundles in the Among Us in-game shop. All these items can customize a player’s character.

However, it has received new things with the update. Generally, you can find customizations in-game, which never change the gameplay. But you can enjoy many fans of Among Us.

Now, the update of Innersloth’s Cosmicube is in full swing. Therefore, you can see Among Us receiving a healthy dose of content.

Players can fill unique roles and gain experience, and the Imposter might get an upgrade. At last, different in-game currencies have been included. Let’s know what these are.

What Do Beans Do In Among Us: All Details About Beans

The Comiscube update provided multiple new features like gameplay mechanics, cosmetics, and in-game currencies. If you join an Among Us match and complete it, you will get Beans and Pods. Besides, if you go to the Among Us store, you can trade Beans for Cosmicubes.

Once you have sufficient Beans to buy a Cosmicube, it will get activated automatically. Cosmicubes come with cosmetic items trapped inside. But you need to spend Pods to unlock them, which can make Beans a gamer’s primary source of income.

When you activate it, you will begin earning Pods and Beans after the game’s completion. However, the Pods type they created changes depending on the Cosmicube purchased with Beans. Similar things happen for the branching paths within the cosmetic cube, like hats, pets, and skins.

Treat and Polus Cosmicube Bundles

First, click on the $ sign below the main menu screen to visit the shop if you wish to utilize or spend your Beans in Among us. Once inside, click on the four-colored button to be sent to the Cosmicubes part of the store.

Once there, you can buy products like the Polus Cosmicube, Treat Cosmicube, Airship Cosmicube, and Trick Cosmicube. There are numerous costumes, nameplates, and pets when you enter the Polus Cosmicube by clicking on it.

By using your Beans in this location, you can access a variety of in-game pets, nameplates, and costumes. In order to access the Polus Cosmicube bundle’s contents, you must have at least 3,000 Beans.

In the Treat Cosmicube area, there are other ways to spend your beans. This bundle includes distinctive types of outfits that you can purchase with your Beans, much to Polus Cosmicube. A few of them include varied haircuts, a witch hat, and a mummy costume. This package costs 2,600 Beans to purchase.

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Remember that the gameplay loop is accessible and useful. A chance also exists to win additional Beans after a match. You can do this, but you need to have enough experience to level up for it.

If a gamer does, they will get a Bean, and Pod multiplier added to their earnings. Thus, users can go to the next box more quickly.

Stars is another currency added, a premium version of Beans. You can buy it with real money, and this one is a second choice to buy Cosmicubes. Keep in mind that pointing out a vital piece of information is essential.

In this case, as a player, you must join and finish a match of Among Us. Thus, you can only earn Beans (and Pods). If these leave early, all Beans, Pods, and experience might be forfeited.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Among Us characters beans?

You can quickly identify the Among Us characters because they are cute and bean-shaped. Multiple games can run with the formula.

2. How do Cosmicubes work Among Us?

While you activate a Cosmicube, you earn Pods for it every time you play a match. You can’t interchange Pods between Cosmicubes. For instance, you can use Mira Pods with the Mira Cosmicube. On the other hand, you can use Polus Pods with the Polus Cosmicube.

3. How do you get Mira Cosmicubes in Among Us?

The Mira Cosmicubes is available for free when you play it. Recently, there are four Cosmicubes you can obtain, which contain cosmetics that are themed around their name: Airship Cosmicube – 90 Stars.

4. How do you get free beans in Among Us?

As a player, you must gather at least four people to start a match. After that, you need to call instantly for an emergency meeting after starting. Then, the imposter must speak up, and each person must vote them out. Everyone will get Beans. Thus, they can repeat the procedure as often as they like.

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