valkyria chronicles 4 squad stories

Valkyria Chronicles 4: Squad Stories


By Aniket Jain

Valkyria Chronicles 4 Squad Stories is one of the best role-playing games. Valkyria Chronicles was released in 2008 which was sponsored by Sega for the PlayStation 3. Later in 2016, the PlayStation 4 version was released. If you are one of those who keep on hunting for role-playing games, then congrats! You are on the right page.

What else can be more exhilarating than playing games after doing shitloads of monotonous work? If you love to explore different shades of games, then what are you waiting for? Let’s dig deeper into the realm of the gaming world and see what’s waiting for you.

It is one of the best video games. The story mainly revolves around the world war. Squadstories have a special place in the whole realm of Valkyria Chronicles. Each mission revolves around three closely related soldiers. Their character development is truly commendable and worth appreciation.

Valkyria Chronicles 4: Guide And Walkthrough

In case you have stepped on this game for the first time and are wondering how to play, then this complete strategy guide and walkthrough is going to help you a lot. It will help you to uncover so many strategies, mission tips, rules, and many more.

valkyria chronicles 4 squad stories
valkyria chronicles walkthrough

The first question that’s going to strike your mind anyways is how can you unlock squad stories in Valkyria 4? There are certain hard and fast rules to be kept in mind while playing Valkyria Chronicles 4 Squad Stories.

  • Each group can join squad E and unlock their assigned mission if and only if they survive till the end
  • In addition to that, one of the members has to upgrade himself to Corporal in order to be competent enough to pass command over others. You can assign someone as a leader if and only if you have stepped into a chapter 8
  • If a character has already grabbed a higher position, then in that case that soldier can assist other regular soldiers to upgrade themselves
  • Once 20 Rank Points (RP) are earned, your squad can unlock their mission. Each mission may come up with surprises that can allow your characters to discover their unexplored strengths and potential

While dealing with each mission, you must know the tactics and strategy.

Let’s take a simple example to understand how it works-

‘The Prince of Still’ is one of the most striking missions in squad stories. From the very beginning, you can have access to Neige and Aladdin (two characters). But to unlock the chapter ‘The Prince of Still’, Neige and Aladdin have to recruit Leonhardt with them.

Leonardt can only join them from chapter 8 onwards. Before unlocking Leonhardt if you promote either Neige or Aladdin to Corporal then you can never complete their Squad Story.

So, this is how things work. To win a mission, you have to unlock the right soldiers at the right time.

Let’s take a glimpse of what is going to happen when a player earns a significant amount of Rank Points-

  • A soldier can upgrade his rank from private to Private First Class if he earns 10 RP
  • As soon as the soldier earns 20 RP, you can upgrade that soldier to Corporal

Valkyria Chronicles 4: Decorations Guide

Your players can gain access to so many titles when they meet some requirements in the game. When your player succeeds in winning all the achievements, he will win the title of ‘War Hero’.

valkyria chronicles 4 characters
valkyria chronicles 4 characters
  • Great Service Medal (Can be achieved after the completion of chapter 1)
  • Siegval Service Medal (Can be achieved after the completion of chapter 4)
  • The Blue Rose (Can be achieved after the completion of chapter 13)
  • Federation Star of Valor (Can be achieved after the completion of chapter 18)
  • Honorary Medal of Valor (After killing first enemy Ace)
  • Bronze Medal of Honor (After assassinating 250 enemies)
  • Silver Medal of Honor (After defeating 500 enemies)
  • Gold Medal of Honor (After defeating 1000 enemies)
  • Combat Medic Medal ( After reviving a squadmate from an emergency)
  • Excellence in Leadership (Once a player master to learn everything)
  • Meritorious Service Medal (Once a player completes an A-Rank mission)

Valkyria Chronicles 4: Main And Hidden Characters

Though there are hundreds of characters in Valkyria Chronicles 4, when it comes to main characters, the most striking characters are Raz, Kai Schulen, Claude Wallace, and Riley Miller. Despite being the main characters, they can’t earn Rank Points.

On the contrary, some of the characters from squad stories like Ronald Albee, Dan Bentley, Minerva Victor and Miler Arbeck can be a part of Squad Story but can’t earn RP.

Raz is one of the famous characters from Valkyria Chronicles 4 who can skillfully play and escort other players in the mission. Gertrude is one of the well-known lancers who can competently fight and clear the Valkyria chronicles lancer challenges.

A few more best characters are-

  • Scouts: Minerva, Christel, Curtis, Millennia
  • Shock: Raz, Zaiga, Viola, Ryan
  • Lancer: Laurent, Gertrude, Brittany
  • Engineer: Eieleen, Rebecca, Aulard
  • Sniper: Kai, Leonhardt, Mabel
  • Grenadier: Riley, Jascha
valkyria chronicles 4 hidden characters
valkyria chronicles 4 hidden characters

Surprisingly, a few characters remain hidden in the first place. When the story progresses and the chapters start to unfold then you can recruit those hidden characters under certain conditions.

Let’s have a look at some of the special recruits-

  • Christel (Scout)- You can use Cenotaph in post-game to revive Christel
  • Brian (Scout)- During post-game, you can recruit Brian
  • Simon (Shocktrooper)- You have to earn five decorations to keep your hands on Simon
  • Gertrude (Lancer)- Once you save 1,000,000 DCT all at a once, you can unlock Gertrude
  • Sergio (Lancer)- During post-game, you can recruit Sergio
  • Eileen (Engineer)- Once you save Curtis from a critical situation, you can unlock Eileen
  • Andre (Engineer)- During post-game, you can recruit Andre
  • Mabel (Sniper)- You have to complete three squad stories to unlock Mabel
  • Stahlschrott (Grenadier)- During post-game, you can recruit Stahlschrott
  • Louffe (Grenadier)- During post-game, you can recruit Louffe

Valkyria Chronicles 4: Squad Stories And Characters

Valkyria Chronicles 4 unfolds 18 different chapters. The Maximum level of Valkyria chronicles is 20.

Squad StoryCharacters
Like Old Times (Blackwell Down)Curtis, Laurent, Eileen
A Prayer for the Broken (Three Scouts)Godwin, Nico, Rosetta
Gambler’s Ruin (The Roguish Patient)Jester, Teresa, Connor
Mischief Makers (Notorious Bastards)Viola, Emmy, Simon
Honor, Pride and Regret (Brave Hearts)Fleuret, Mabel, Rebecca
Girl in the Iron Mask (Commandos)Jean, Ferrier, Stanley
Treading New Ground (Tank Boys)Dan, Aulard
Unfortunate Souls (Company of Zeroes)Jimmy, Odin, Lily
Worlds Apart (Paths to Glory)Zaiga, Vancey, Gertrude
All The Single Ladies (Saving Private Husdon)Millennia, Brittany, Rita
Legacies Left (C*L*A*S*H)Keigel, Ryan, Ronald
The Price of Skill (Top Guns)Aladdin, Neige, Leonhardt
Love and Logic (The Infatuation Game)Aoife, Hanna, Jascha
To Live Unbound ( A Great EscapeAzusa, Scott, Norid
A Chivalrous Heart (A Rather Long Engagement)Minerva, Christel
Reluctant Solitude (Scrap Metal Jacket)Louffe, Stahlschrott
Soul of the Navy (Naval Spirits)Andre, Brian, Sergio

Valkyria Chronicles 4: True Ending

To unlock the post-credit scenes, you have to buy “Interlude: A Steamy Ceasefire” content from the infirmary. Once you buy and view it, a new sub-event (Chapter 13) will come along. It can be unlocked afterward. When you will go through it, one more level will be added to Mission 29 (Chapter 18). Once you defeat that level, one more event will be unlocked.

valkyria chronicles 4 tips
valkyria chronicles 4 tips

The best part of Valkyria Chronicles 4 Squad Stories is that it not only comes up with new missions in every chapter but also with new side stories and events.

Valkyria Chronicles 4: Tips And Tricks

You can follow these tips and tricks to rank better-

  • Never forget to upgrade
  • Don’t skip breakfast
  • Grenadiers, snipers, scouts and engineers can be your best buddy. Valkyria chronicles snipers are one of the active members so try to use them more to score better
  • Don’t forget to keep your hands on shook troopers
  • Fill your APC with lancers

Some of the lesser-known facts-

  • Most of the names of the Squad Story combat missions are inspired by war or action movies like The Imitation Game, Black Hawk Down, Inglorious Bastards, Braveheart, Saving Private Ryan, Full Metal Jacket, Paths of Glory, The Great Escape and so on…
  • Some of the famous valkyria chronicles 4 squad stories; voice actors are Greg Chun, Kate Higgins, Colleen O’Shaughnessey, Carrie Keranen, Tara Jayne Sands, Max Mittelman, Alexis Tipton and many more…

Long story short if you have played Valkyria Chronicles but not Squad Stories then you have missed the real spark. Don’t you think it’s the smaller stories that count in a game? Get your hands on this game to have an amazing gaming experience…

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