Wish Ender Quest

Wish Ender Quest


By Aniket Jain

“Don’t fret. It’s a simple expedition. We’ll be back before lunch.” —Sjur Eido, First Queen’s Wrath

As we all know, Wish Ender Bow Quest is one of the hardest exotics to claim in Forsaken right now. Many gamers are puzzled about how to beat the final boss of the Shattered Throne and other enemies to reach the end.

The Wish-ender bow is one of the fanciest, powerful, and exotic weapons in the game. So do you feel that getting this bow is a lot of trouble and is taking a lot of time?

If your answer is yes, then in this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about how to find the exotic weapons which are locked behind Wish Ender Quest Shadowkeep and much more.

Wish Ender Quest

So continue reading to know how to add this fancy new bow to your collection.

Step By Step Destiny 2 Wish Ender Quest Guide: 

Getting Exotic Bow can be very challenging not only for beginners but also for pro gamers. But we assure you that it will take less than a week of grinding to claim your prize.

We know that it is not simple, but don’t worry, because we have explained everything in the full guide below.

All you need to do is follow the simple and easy Wish Ender Quest Steps and take out all the enemies and bosses:

Step 1: Beat the Shattered Throne dungeon

Do you have the guts to travel through the Shattered Throne twice and prove your worth to the Awoken?

We know you do!

In Forsaken, the Shattered Throne will give you a new dungeon experience. It is said that partway between strike and raid is a bit difficult for the gamers.

We would recommend you to take assistance from your friends to clear this level because it is said to be one of the highest Light activities in the game from the power levels ranging from 570 to 580.

So firstly, in the Wish Ender Destiny 2 quest, all you have to do is beat the Shattered Throne, but it won’t be easy because you will need to overcome several encounters.

Wondering how to get to the Shattered Throne in Wish Ender quest?

Well, then you will have to first enter The Confluence while exploring the cathedral in Rheasilvia. After locating Sedia, you can have a conversation with her and enter the great portal in the background.

Then, once you discover a statue of Sjur Eido, approach it and hand over your Awaken Talisman. And once the statue stops talking, move on to defeat the final boss.

It may look like nothing has happened, and you have reached the dead end. But that is not the case, because now you are about to enter a secret mission.

Wish Ender Quest

Step 2: Complete The Secret Mission

After beating the Shattered Throne in Destiny 2 Wish Ender quest, you need to head over to the Tangled Shore. Next, you need to ride the elevator up to the Four-horned Gulch and walk towards the main area.

Then, pull out your Ghost, and you will see a mission icon nearby. Now, move towards the building and inspect the little Taken ball, which has question marks around it. Before taking the ball, it will ask you to prove your worth.

Once you answer, you will be sent on a straightforward mission on the Tangled Shore. Then, defeat the Taken army until you reach the big final room. Be very aware, because here you will be assaulted by tons of Taken.

And most importantly, you will have to beat the three ultimate Taken Bosses. But fret not, defeating them is pretty easy. Once you beat them, you will get three tokens that have their boss’ name attached to them, and they are:

  • Dreaming Token of Eriviks
  • Dreaming token of Querim
  • Dreaming Token of Xavoth

Furthermore, you will need to return to the Shattered Throne to charge up these tokens and unlock the Wish-Ender Bow.

Step 3: Cleansing The Tokens

Once you complete the secret mission in Wish Ender Quest Destiny 2, you will move onto the next step, and that is to return to the Shattered Throne.

The third step of this game is pretty fun, which will help you reach the final boss. So firstly, you will have to go all up to the massive Ogre boss.

But when you are in your way, you will have to spawn and kill other bosses. To do that, you have to find an orb in the dungeon and take it to the matching statue. Doing so will help you to cleanse your tokens.

1. Token 1 (Querim)

Firstly, you will have to go to this area of the dungeon to clear the Labyrinth Architects. You will need the statue, which will be located on the roof of the largest building.

You will also spot a circle of statues, and if you look closely, one of them will be missing the orb. You will need to reach the above room of the Tower of Deep to get it.

Wish Ender Quest

Are you looking for an easier way to get there?

You can take the fast route from the roof, and from there, you need to locate a small basin where the orb will spawn.

Once you have the orb, take it along with you to the roof of the center building. You can run or jump across some rooftops to get there pretty fast.

After popping the orb into the statue, a Taken Minotaur will spawn, so make sure to take it down quickly to spawn Querim, the Waking. Then, kill it to cleanse the token with the same name.

Don’t fret about any more orbs until you enter the room with all the Ogres and the scaffolding.

2. Token 2 (Eriviks)

You need to clean two orbs to get this token. When you enter the Ogre room, make sure to run along the beams and take out everything.

Then go back to the start of the room and walk to the right side of the door. Once you do, you will spot a pillar, and behind it, you will discover a spawn point for the orb.

Take the orb and carry it along with you. You will notice a group of statues. Pass the first group and head to the second group and insert the orb and move ahead.

Now, head to the Thrall room to find your next orb. Go through the portal, and walk up the stairs to your right. Then try to find the orb in the entryway.

Once you see it, then grab it and carry it. This section can get pretty annoying and dangerous, so jump and grab the walls to keep yourself safe.

When you enter the Thrall hallway, go down into the big room and go to the right to find the statue. Pop in the orb and walk out through the main door.

A large door will open on the other side of the chasm after placing the two orbs. So walk towards it to spawn the arena of Taken. Then kill the enemies and the big boss to cleanse the Eriviks token.

3. Token 3 (Xavoth)

Many gamers have revealed that this is the hardest token to cleanse because of its annoying boss. In the Ogre boss fight, take down the Wizards and try to stay alive and get enough marks to cleanse a fire and bring down the boss’ shield.

Wish Ender Quest

As soon as the shield drops, begin your hunt for a Taken Minotaur. And once you take it down, it will spawn an orb. Make sure to take and carry it to the other statue located on the left side of the room.

Then the second boss Ogre will spawn in the middle room, so kill it and cleanse the token of Xavoth.

In the final stage of the Wish Ender Exotic quest, collect all your three tokens to the statue and go to the statue of Sjur and claim your shiny new bow.

Complete this Wish Ender quest guide, and enjoy your game.

Our Final Thoughts About Destiny 2 Wish Ender Quest

So that is how you successfully complete the Wish Ender Bow Quest. Make sure to follow all the above steps carefully and defeat the three big bosses to charge the tokens and win the bow. When it comes to claiming the bow, you may face some difficulty in the game.

The only tip we can give you is, whatever happens, make sure to stay alive till the end. We hope this gaming article was useful to you. And if you did like it, then keep coming back to our website more regularly.

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