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Satisfactory Cheats- A Complete Guide Of All The Cheat Codes


By Aniket Jain

Hey, gamers! Do you love to play open-world factory building games? If yes, Satisfactory is only for you. It is a first-person factory building game along with a lot of exploration and combat. Here, you can explore the planet of the aliens, make multi-storied factory buildings, and also can enter into conveyor belt heaven.

Now, you have to go along with the process when you are doing all such activities. As a player, you have to look for Satisfactory Cheats or console commands to research the new techniques. Otherwise, you might lose the game.

Are you new to this game? Don’t know how to activate the console commands? No worry at all. I have decided to come up with several Satisfactory Cheats or console commands that you can use as a player in this factory-building game.

How To Enable The Console Commands

A console command is used to alter or change several aspects of the game. You have to press CTRL+ Shift+ L to enable the console commands. When you want to have access to the console, you have to press the Tilde button.

You will need to enable the console commands every time whenever you are starting the Satisfactory game.

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Can You Cheat In Satisfactory?

Of course, you can cheat in Satisfactory. For that, you have to use the Satisfactory Cheats codes or the console commands.

Here are all the Satisfactory Cheats codes for you.

  • Gamma- You can use it to change the brightness of gamma.
  • materialFlowAnalysis recipeName[ FString ]- by using this code, you can look for the required items for crafting.
  • R.Tonemapper.Sharpen [number]- you can set the number of a sharped filter.
  • R.TemporalAASamples [number]- you can set the number of samples which you use for TAA.
  • Stat Unit- you can see the data of several graphic statistics.
  • Suicide- It can kill you as a player.
  • Pause- You can stop the game temporarily.
  • R.TemporalAAFilterSize- you can set the spread of TAA samples.
  • Stat FPS- you can see the FPS counter.
  • Stat Levels- it helped you with the levels that are streaming.
  • T.MaxFPS [Value]- you can set the maximum frame rate with it.
  • R.Atmosphere [either 0 or 1]- You can activate or deactivate the atmosphere with the code.
  • R.Fog [either 0 or 1]- you can either activate or deactivate the fog.
  • R.ViewDistanceScale- you can measure the distance of the things like trees, rocks etc.
  • R.ScreenPercentage- You can set the internal resolution.
  • R.TemporalAACurrentFrameWeight- you can set the present internal frame on the final image.
  • FOV- you can set the field of view.

How Do You Use Satisfactory Commands?

In order to use the Satisfactory Cheats and commands, you should first enable them. Then you can be able to open the command window by using the Tilde button. When you are using the Tilde button, it will increase the window size. Then it will be easy for you to put the longer commands.

Once you have completed the method, you then can input the codes as you wish.

How Do You Speed Up Time In Satisfactory?

You can speed up time in Satisfactory by Overclocking. But you have to have Power Shards to unlock the Overclocking facility of this game. Power Shards are made of Power Slugs. Power shards can increase the speed by 50%.

How Do You Teleport To Satisfactory?

Satisfactory Cheats

You have to make a teleporter. You can find it in the transportation tab. You have to make the teleporter near the hub in order to teleport to Satisfactory.

How Do I Show Fps In Satisfactory?

You can see the FPS in Satisfactory with a quite simple method. You have to use a console command for that. You will need to run the command ‘Stat FPS’ in the console. When you have run the command successfully, you will see the FPS at the top- right corner of the screen of your window.

Before running the command, you have to enable the console first. You have to press CTRL+ Shift+ L to enable the console.

Where Are Satisfactory Saves?

If you are curious to know at what place your Satisfactory saves are, you have to press windows and R together on your keyboard and then have to run the application. Type %LocalAppdata%\FactoryGame\Saved\SaveGames in the field. Then you have to press OK.

A window will appear and you can see the satisfactory saves folder there.

Does Steam FPS Counter Effect FPS?

Well, you will see any noticeable effect of FPS counter on FPS. FPS counter affects heavily on the FPS performance. It will drop the frame rate by 30 on average. You can play a smooth game when you turn off the FPS counter.

Are Cheat Codes Illegal?

Using cheat codes in Video games has always been considered illegal when there is a law that passes a bill that limits the use of cheating. You are violating the terms and services of the video game when you are using cheat codes in a video game. That is why using cheat codes is illegal while you are playing a video game.

Where Can You Get Satisfactory?

Satisfactory Cheats

You can get Satisfactory on Steam. You can get the Satisfactory video game for free on Steam till now. When the authorities sell it with price, they have declared that you can get it at a 10% discount on the game.

Also, you can download and buy Satisfactory from the Epic Game Stone application.

To Sum It Up

I hope, you have got all the answers to your questions regarding the Satisfactory video game. The cheat codes in this game will help you survive for a long time and even win the game. You just have to run the console codes properly. All the best!

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