Why the controller of PS4 do starts moving on its own

How To Fix The Controller Drift For PS4? Unveil The Specifications Here!

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By Shubham Lavania

In video games, few things can be more frightening one of them is when your character stops moving. Sometimes your how to fix The controller drift For PS4 character keeps moving even though you are not giving them any command.

The problem source is the analog stick drift, the ps4 controller drift is malfunctioning due to the dirt on the analog stick, or the stick’s potentiometer is damaged.

The players can expect general things; such problem has been caused due to the frequent use.

If you clean the controller and still nothing has changed, then you must look into it. In this situation, people are left with two options: either you can buy a new controller or fix this by following steps.

Now probably, you must be wondering how to fix stick drift? 

Well, we are here to help you out; the players must look into repair it instead of investing in the new one as the frequent investment might bother your budget.

If you are willing to fix your controller with DIY steps, then there are some things that you must ensure. It will help the players to reset their controller first so some of the issues can be resolved.

Still resetting ps4 controller analog stick doesn’t change, then follow the steps mentioned below. Have a look here:-

Why the controller of PS4 do starts moving on its own
How To Fix The Controller Drift For PS4

Steps to fix the PS4 controller analog stick drift: –

Before we begin the fixation process, you need to ensure that the controller is off and start doing the following steps. Here’s trying each fix. Take a look here: –

1.Reset the PS4 controller: – here we are with the initial step for how to fix ps4 controller drift? You need to reset the DualShock 4, and it can help you resolve some of these issues.

Thus, if a soft reset does not work, then opt for doing the hard reset. 

2.The cleaning process: – the players must gently wipe around on the crevices of the analog stick. But you need to make sure that you are using the microfiber cloth.

In order to get rid of grime, you must prepare the mixture of isopropyl alcohol and water, then dip a swab in it.

Now the question arises Can you fix controller drift? Such a mixture can help you clean the controller, and if you are unable to reach the dirt, you need to use pressurized air to dislodge the dirt. 

Pro tip:- the players must go through ps4 controller warranty period; if it is over, you need to clean your controller once every few months. This is how the users can prevent build-up that can cause issues with the Sony DualShock 4.

The repaired or replacement by company
The repaired or replacement by company

3.The repaired or replacement by company: – once you start facing ps4 controller lag, you must prefer getting help from Sony.

This is when your controller is new, and the new beginnings of the issues can be resolved or replaced by the company.

The customers are free to consult the PlayStation repair and replace page and select DualShock 4. After that, you need to follow the prompts to check if you can get the free repair or replacement services. 

4.Disassemble your controller to clean the stick: – in order to deep clean the controller inputs; then you must remove the outer casing and uplift the battery to reach the motherboard.

Using a cotton swab that was dipped in the mixture of water and isopropyl alcohol. This is how to fix ps4 controller right analog stick, but don’t use the pressurized air on the parts on the inner side. 

Pro tip:- while taking apart ps4 controller, the users need to curious about it and do not disconnect anything instead of the motherboard’s battery.

5.The replacement of sticks: – If you have sufficient tools to fix the ps4 controller issue, you are willing to put it in work.

The users are free to replace the potentiometer (this is the sensor of the analog sticks) and analog sticks. Here you might need the soldering iron that you can easily purchase online, which you will need to use often.

But buying the new PS4 controller drift is the better option to go for. 

Pro tip:- the outer casting removal will void the warranty on your controller, so open up only when the warranty over the product has expired.

Read out the following faq to know more about the issues caused and ways to resolve them.

The repaired or replacement by company
The repaired or replacement by company

Here are some frequently asked questions: –

  • What t is the leading cause of controller drift? 

Beyond from basic use, other potential drift cause is the environment. The controllers are considered as the high impact items that are handled roughly. If the food, dust particles, or numerous other crumbs find their way in, they will stick.

The potentiometer can register incorrect readings, so you need to be careful. This is how you will be able to get the answer of How do I stop my controller from drifting? And be attentive while using it.

  • How to fix the analog stick drift that is on PS4?

Initially, disconnect your controller and then switch it off; after that, push your left analog stick to the other side and blow the compressed air to reach dirt at the base of it.

After that, you must give the same treatment to your analog stick and try it with smooth movements. This is What causes PS4 controller drift? And it is the perfect preventative measure to stop it.

  • Which is the perfect way to get the PS4 controller to drift resolved?

If your product is under warranty, you are free to opt for replacing services by consulting the company’s professionals.

But if it is out of warranty period, you must prefer conserving the steps mentioned above to resolve issues on your own.

  • How to prevent PS4 controller drift? 

Besides the technical issues, people usually eat while playing games on their PS. But this is the thing that can lead them towards the loss of their controller.

Soon after that, they will face issues; this is because the potentiometer is a sensitive sensor, and it can easily register the incorrect reading, so avoid eating food while playing.

On the other hand, the users must prefer regular cleaning to prevent the entry of dirt or crumbs.

  • Why the controller of PS4 do starts moving on its own?

Numerous people are looking for the answer of How do I fix my PS4 controller from moving by itself? These people need to know that their sticks are not perfectly centred; this is why the character moves.

Here people need to clean the bottom of the product that is coved with dirt with the help of the solution mentioned above.

Why the controller of PS4 do starts moving on its own
How To Fix The Controller Drift For PS4

The closure 

We are here along with the cessation that defines the PS4 controller drift as the issue that is being caused due to several things. We have described some preventive measures and methods to resolve these issues by seeking the help of professionals.


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