How To Get Stardust In Pokemon Go

How To Get Stardust In Pokemon Go (Updated 2023)


By Juhi Kanojia

As we have seen since a few years ago, the surge of augmented reality games is on the rise. A very popular example of this is the collaborative masterpiece of Niantic™, Nintendo™, and The Pokémon Company™ — Pokémon Go.

The game allows players to transform the usual, everyday neighborhood the players into exotic fields, mountains, or wetlands through the lens of their phones.

And in these augmented worlds, the players can interact with virtual monsters called Pokémon. By interacting with and catching more and more of these Pokémons they can climb up on the level ladder.

Stardust plays a key role in this process of advancing through levels in this game. The Pokémons need to be strong. That way they can win and gain XP. This is why we will tell you all you need to know about how to get stardust in pokemon go!

What Is Stardust In Pokémon Go

Stardust is one of the many items in Pokémon Go that are important in the growth and development of your party pokémons in a balanced and proper manner. To understand and see what stardust is, go into the Pokémon menu and click on any Pokémon. On the left, you would be able to see how much stardust you have.

How To Get Stardust In Pokemon Go
How To Get Stardust In Pokemon Go

There’s a high chance you would already have some stardust stocked up. Don’t be confused about how you got hold of it. It’s pretty common to get stardust through many ways even if you are not particularly trying for it.

Physically you would be able to distinguish stardust as a vial containing a sparkly substance inside it. And this stardust is a very important item in your arsenal to strengthen and evolve your pokémon. There are many other uses for stardust, which we would be discussing next. Furthermore, we also have different ways of how to get stardust in pokemon go. Read on!

What Are The Uses Of Stardust In Pokémon Go

There are many ways that stardust can be put to use. While it is true that stardust is not something that is central to the part of enjoying the game, if you are thinking of making a strong competitive team then stardust could be a useful asset to you. It could even prove to be the extra edge that you were looking for in your life as a Pokémon trainer. Hope these Pokemon go when to use stardust tips would be useful to you.

1. Powering Up Your Pokémon

The primary use of stardust is to power up or level up your pokémon. When you click on any of the pokémonin your storage, you will see an arc over it. That is the CP which is Combat Points. You will notice that the curve is filled up to some point. That is your pokémon’s current CP.

Now in order to strengthen your pokémon, you need to use stardust and candies. Each power-up also levels up your pokémon slightly. But beware of using it unwisely as the cost to power up a pokémon can be too expensive on your stardust stock.

2. Trading Pokémon

Trading pokémonis another thing that costs you stardust. Even more so if the pokemon is legendary or has good stats. How much stardust will it cost you also depends on the level of friendship between you and your friend. The pokemon go trade cost differs according to the shiny status of the Pokemon too. So, trading a non-shiny, non-legendary ordinary Pokémon comes off as far cheaper than trading a shiny, legendary pokémon with someone.

Now, having known the difference that stardust makes in the game, it is incredibly important that you know how to get stardust in pokemon go, which we will tell you.

What Is A Star Piece In Pokemon Go?

There is a common confusion between a star piece and stardust among players. Don’t worry! If you are wondering what are star pieces in pokemon go, then we will tell you everything you need to know about them.

Star pieces have the same effect on Stardust as Lucky Eggs have on XP. Appearing only during seasonal events in the game server, they are special boosters that increase the amount of stardust by 50% you receive from all the sources for a limited time interval. The pokémon go star piece, therefore, is an important item to look out for during special events.

The star piece pokemon go is also a very precious resource as it can only appear at a special time and you can’t be awarded a star piece in any way. Used in sync with Lucky Egg, you could also maximize the effect of the Star Piece. So you need to wait for the best time to use, so you can find boosts to the boost it already provides.

Different Methods To Get Stardust In Pokemon Go

There are many ways in which you can get stardust in Pokemon Go. Here we will discuss how to get stardust in pokemon go.

How To Get Stardust In Pokemon Go
How To Get Stardust In Pokemon Go

From Pokemon

Pokemon Go awards you 100 stardust for each Pokemon you catch. That’s how you ought to have stored up some stardust already even if you knew nothing about them up till now. Additionally, there’s a weekly grind reward that rewards you 3000 stardust for catching a Pokemon every day for seven consecutive days. What’s more, this reward is activated every week!!

Another way to earn stardust through pokemons is by hatching eggs as well as defending gyms. The progress of your egg hatch distance will decide the amount of stardust you get for hatching it. In the option of defending gyms, you get 20 stardust for each berry which you feed to the gym trainer. These are the different ways of how to get stardust in pokemon go from pokemon.

From Pokemon Battles

The different ways to get stardust in Pokemon through pokemon battles is to defeat Team rocket and win a raid. If you defeat Team Rocket then you get 100 stardust every time. You will get 500 stardust for each raid you win.

But raids are a completely different thing when it comes to calculation and consideration. To win a raid, you will have to have strong pokemon which require the expenditure of stardust in return. So be careful in choosing raids as per the level or the CP of your pokemon.

From Pokemon Research

Pokemon Research provides the bulkiest amount of stardust but isn’t a very popular approach among Pokemon GO players because of the unreliability. After all, the chance that you do get stardust after completing research depends on probability.

There are two kinds of research — daily tasks and special research.

Three daily tasks are provided for each day after spinning a pokestop. Sometimes, if you are lucky, completing these tasks can award you stardust.

Special research is bound to special events or story quests, so they are a bit different. Though not certain to reward every time, these quests do reward a good amount of stardust if you get lucky.

How To Get More Stardust In Pokemon Go

Okay! So you know now what stardust is, what they are used for, and how to get them. Now let’s get to know how to get more stardust in pokemon go.

The first and foremost method will be to use a star piece. They boost the amount of stardust gain by 50%. Look out for events and take advantage of them.

Then comes the importance of catching Pokemon based on their position in the evolution chain. While catching any wild Pokemon gives you 100 stardust, you will be awarded 300 stardust for the 2nd evolution Pokemon and 500 stardust for the 3rd evolution state.

Extra bonus can be gained for the weather-boosted Pokemon, with 125 stardust for 1st, 350 for 2nd, and 625 stardust for 3rd evolution state.

How To Get Stardust Quickly In Pokemon Go

One way to get pokemon go fast stardust is to grind for it. And the best way to pokemon go stardust farming is to buy a Pokemon Go Plus. After that catch as many Pokemon as you can (even better if it’s weather-boosted Pokemon).

Buying incubators for eggs and hatching as many eggs as you can also help. Feed berries to friendly Pokemon as often as you can. Open the maximum allowed number of gifts for a day to get stardust.

Also, use your free raid passes each day to get the daily stardust reward!

Keep an eye out for new events on the Events menu or News to know of the various rewards and gifts you avail through these events. Using star pieces in certain limited events increases your stardust gain by 60% so be on the lookout for such events.

So these were all the known methods of quickly. Hope it was a huge help!

How To Buy Stardust Pokemon Go

If you are depressed about the slow progress even after all the above methods, then don’t worry. You just have to put in the time and effort to increase your stardust stock.

pokemon go stardust farming
pokemon go stardust farming

For those wondering how to buy stardust pokemon go there, unfortunately, isn’t any known direct method to do so. You can surely spend your coins to cleverly acquire gear or items that increase your chances of getting stardust like Egg incubators, Rocket Radars, Star Pieces etc. But stardust as an item isn’t available in the stores.

Don’t look down though. There are many available smart tricks on the internet to increase the productivity of your stardust farming with efficiency of time. Keep an eye out for strategies and solutions from fellow players as to how to get stardust in pokemon go. Don’t give up!!

Stardust Events

“Spotlight Hours” is an event that keeps recurring every other month or so and provides many bonuses including double catch stardust. That means that during the limited timeframe of the event, the more of the specified Pokemon you catch the more you double your stardust for catching that Pokemon!

Events that award “double catch and hatch stardust” as well as “triple stardust” keep occurring regularly in Pokemon Go. There have also been events that award “stardust for every action” so there’s always a chance to get more stardust. Just be attentive to these deals and offers.


Q: What gives you the most Stardust in Pokemon go?

A: Gym Raids award a fairly large amount like 500-1000 stardust. Research quests award even higher but are very infrequent and hence not reliable.

Q: Do you get stardust for evolving Pokemon go?

A: No, evolving pokemon only grants XP. However, catching pokemon higher in the evolution chain can award more stardust than the lower evolution catches of that pokemon.

Q: How do I get more stardust Pokemon go hack?

A: In Pokemon Go hack versions you have many options to try out to earn more stardust. You can visit different time zones, do a GPS shift to change your locality in an instant, which will give you a dual advantage of increased egg hatch distance as well as new terrain to catch new pokemon!!

Q: How do you get 50000 Stardust in Pokemon go?

A: The key to reaching any particular amount of stardust is to be calculative and consistent. If your goal is to reach 50,000 stardust then there is a way and that is to plan out your stardust earning ways and to minimize the expenditure in an efficient manner.

Q: how much stardust to trade a shiny?

A: Trading a shiny can cost 1000000 stardust but it can decrease more and more depending on the level of your friendship.

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