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Detailed Schedule, Gifts, And Information About Stardew Valley Jodi


By Aniket Jain

Jodi’s a nice and friendly mother who has dedicated her life to her children. Jodi, who resides at 1 Willow Lane in Pelican Town, is a typical villager. She keeps herself busy by caring for her family and performing housework. Her conversations revolve around how she has spoilt her children.

Aside from talking about her family, she may emphasize how busy she is at home and how she wishes she had more time to go outside.

Despite being a responsible and caring housewife, Jodi laments her youth and wishes she had more of it. She believes her marriage was rushed because her husband is the military, depriving her of her youth and freedom.

Family And Relationships

Jodi Stardew

Jodi is Sam and Vincent’s mother, while Kent is her husband. You’ll meet her husband in the spring of her second year after he returns from the military. Aside from her familial ties, she has a close friendship with Caroline. Jodi claims she can talk about anything with this close friend of hers, and Caroline claims the same.


Jodi’s schedule is busy and hectic. From morning to till afternoon and in every season, she does all the work by herself. We have stated some of her schedule to give you an idea.

Monday, Thursday, and Saturday

9:00 AMShe stays in their kitchen.
11:30 AMTakes a seat in the living room
1:30 PMExits home and walks to Town Square.
4:00 PMMakes her way home from the Town Square
4:30 PMSpends time in the kitchen.
7:30 PMStands around the living room.
9:00 PMTucks Vincent to sleep.
10:00 PMHeads to bed


9:00 AMIn the kitchen.
10:10 AMLeaves home and shops at Pierre’s General Store.
11:00 AMMakes her way into the General Store.
11:30 AMStands by the fireplace at the back of the General Store.
1:00 PMExercise with Marnie, Emily, Robin, and Caroline.
4:00 PMTime spent at the fireplace with Caroline, Marnie, and Robin.
6:20 PMGo to the store and strolls back to her place.
7:10 PMSets foot in her house.
9:10 PMTucks Vincent onto his bed.
10:00 PMExits Vincent’s room and heads to her room.
10:20 PMWalks to her room and sleeps.

Wednesday and Friday

9:00 AMIn kitchen
11:00 AMExits their residence and go to JojaMart.
12:50 PMReaches JojaMart.
5:00 PMLeaves the store and moves home.
6:30 PMStands in front of the fridge.
9:00 PMShe puts Vincent to bed.
10:00 PMShe moves to bed and sleeps.


9:00 AMIn the kitchen at home.
10:00 AMDeparts towards Pierre’s General Store on foot
11:00 AMReaches Pierre’s and enters the chapel there
4:00 PMGoes home after leaving Pierre’s General Store
5:00 PMAt home on their living room couch

What Does Jodi Like in Stardew Valley? 

When you offer Jodi something she appreciates, you get 8x points. Here are some suggestions for what you should and should not offer her:

Chocolate CakeAll Eggs except Void EggChanterelleDaffodil
Crispy BrassAll Fruits excluding Spice BerryCommon MushroomDandelion
DiamondAll MilkGarlicSpice Berry
Eggplant Parmesan Ginger
Fried EelHazelnut
Rhubarb PieLeek
Vegetable MedleyMagma Cap
Purple Mushroom
Snow Yam
Wild Horseradish
Winter Root

Loved Gifts

The following are the best Jodi presents. Each of them will grant the player 80 friendship points with her:

Jodi Stardew

  • Chocolate Cake, Crispy Bass, Eggplant Parmesan, Fried Eel, Pancakes, Rhubarb Pie, and Vegetable Medley
  • Diamond
  • All Universal Feelings: Rabbit’s Foot, Golden Pumpkin, Prismatic Shard, Magic Rock Candy, Pearl
  • Liked Gifts

Disliked & Hated Gifts

The following presents will cause Jodi’s friendship with the player to deteriorate. Hated presents have a greater impact than Disliked ones. However, any decrease in friendship is bad news, so the player should never present her with the following items:

  • Fresh fish
  • Geodes and mineral geodes
  • Items made by hand, such as sprinklers, floors, and tackle.
  • Most mushrooms and other foraged goods
  • Trash
  • Materials for crafting, such as ores, coal, or sap
  • Spice and berry

Heart Events

After you’ve earned enough friendship hearts with Jodi, you’ll be able to access her Heart Events, which will teach you more about her. Here are some possibilities you might face if you become friends with her:

Jodi Stardew

1. Friendship Points: You may occasionally receive gifts in the mail, accompanied by a note. She’d tell you that she ordered too much and that you should make good use of it. You may receive the following items: 

  • Basic Fertilizer. 
  • Quality Fertilizer. 
  • Basic Retaining Soil.

2. points: You can finally enter her chamber once you reach this degree of friendship. You’ll find a note from her spouse, who is currently serving in the military. Jodi may notice changes after Kent returns, according to Kent’s message. He assures her, though, that their family is essential to him.

3. points: Jodi has sent you a recipe for Fried Calamari. It comes with a letter stating that the dish was awarded first place in a cooking competition. She also appreciates you being a nice companion.

4. points: If you depart between 6:00 and 9:30 a.m., you’ll find Jodi gasping and panting on your doorstep. She jokingly informs you that getting to your house was a bit of a workout. Nonetheless, the visit intends to invite you to dinner at 7:00 p.m. She also requested that you bring a slimy fish–largemouth bass–for her casserole. Except for events, such as Dance of the Moonlight Jellies and Spirit’s Eve, you may complete this job on any day.

5. points: Jodi has sent you another recipe with the same message. This time, however, it’s an ice cream recipe.


In-game, Jodi makes a few requests. You may face the following quests involving her:

  • Jodi has made a request: On the 19th of March, she’ll send a personal mail request for a Cauliflower. As a reward, you will receive 350g and a single Friendship Heart. 
  • Casserole of fish: This quest occurs during your four hearts event when she requests a Largemouth Bass.
  • At Pierre’s General Store: There is a “Help Wanted” sign. She makes random requests on this Stardew Valley message board. Nonetheless, you’ll receive 150 Friendship Points and gold worth three times the requested item’s base price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do you trigger Jodi 10 heart event?
Ans. Although it is not required to play the game, increasing your friendship level with the characters in Stardew Valley will cause emotional events to occur. Heart events provide the player with valuable incentives such as recipes, presents, or the opportunity to date and marry a local.

Q2. Who is the easiest girlfriend in Stardew Valley?
Ans. Leah is one of Stardew Valley’s most popular relationship options, and it’s simple to see why. She’s artistic, enjoys nature, and has gorgeous hair. But for every wonderful thing about Leah, there’s a lot of awful. She has the most baggage of the marriage candidates, primarily issues with her ex, Kel.

Q3. What is a good gift for Jodi in Stardew Valley?
Ans. Chocolate Cake, Crispy Bass, Eggplant Parmesan, Fried Eel, Pancakes, Rhubarb Pie, Vegetable Medley are all worth 80 friendship points with her.

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