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Where To Find Spring Onions Stardew Valley (2023)


By Aniket Jain

You can always go foraging in the Cindersap Forest if you become bored. You’ll come across intriguing objects on occasion that will help you in your quest for cash and assignment fulfillment. You can utilize Spring Onion Stardew Valley to get some money and replenish some of your health if you find them. 

Where To Find Spring Onions

Spring Onions Stardew Valley, unlike other forage items in the game, can only be found in Cindersap Forest, specifically in the southeast region near the sewers’ entrance. Simply go south until you see or reach the small wooden bridges that will guide you to the island represented on the map, whether you arrive from the agricultural gate or through Pelican Town at the eastern gate. 

Spring Onions, as you might expect from their name, can only be found in the spring. If you need a few Spring Onions during other seasons, keep an eye on the Travelling Cart, as you might be able to find them there for 100g-1000g.

It respawns daily, giving you the benefit of earning more money every day. Because Stardew spring onions only spawn on this island, you won’t find them in any other part of Stardew Valley – so make sure to come here to acquire them! You should face no trouble finding Spring Onions once you reach the island.

What Are The Uses Of Spring Onions?

Spring Onions are a foraged item you’ll find during the first season of the year. And harvesting it gives you 3 more Foraging XP. However, the Gatherer Profession does not apply to this item. Below are some of the major pointers on how you can utilize them:

Spring Onions Stardew

1. Selling or Consuming

QualityBase PricesWith Mastery
Silver Star10g50g
Gold Star12g60g
Iridium Star16g80g

Selling: Despite the low starting prices, selling them is nevertheless an option. However, having an S.O Mastery would multiply their cost by five. A side-by-side comparison of this foraged item with and without spring onion mastery is shown below:

Consuming: Consuming it would also help to recover some of your health and vigor. Here’s how much restoration you’ll get for each quality:

QualityEnergy Health
Silver Star+18+8
Gold Star+23+10
Iridium Star+33+14

2. Gifting

Only Harvey, Leah, and Linus will appreciate receiving spring onions stardew as a gift (and none of them will adore them). They’re still a terrific method to get a social boost for a little cost and an easy item. 

3. Bundles

Stardew Valley spring onions are one of the simplest options in order to achieve the modified Spring Foraging Bundle in the Crafts Room of the Community Center.

4. Tailoring

Later as you move ahead in the game, you also use the sewing machine to build and create an excellent Spring Shirt by merging a piece of Cloth with a Spring Onion.

Tips For Efficient Spring Onion Farming

  • Don’t Hesitate to Invest: You will receive 15 turnip seeds for free at the start of the game to help you start growing your crops. You must dig 15 holes in the farm to grow the seeds. You must place one source in each location; after planting the seeds, you must water them on a regular basis using the water can. 
  • Study the Map: In real life, people utilize maps to find their way around. You will have a map of the game that help you find the right way. Manage your time well to get success in this game. The map will teach you a lot about the game and guide you through all the perks.
  • Priority: You will receive your ultimate prizes after your crops have grown, which will take a variable period of time depending on your crop. After you have fully grown trees, you must chop them and begin collecting the wood as quickly as possible since it is a crucial resource that will provide you with more money to unlock the other buildings and exclusive new things on your farm. 
  • Watching TV is necessary: You can organize your day’s activities based on the weather forecast. It will help you if you are aware of the circumstances from the prior day. For example, on rainy days, you don’t have to water such crops because they’ve already gotten water from the rain; instead, you may spend your time doing something more productive.
  • Be Careful when Placing Seeds: The appropriate placement of the seeds can be the difference between good and terrible crop yields. However, you do not need to be concerned; you will simply need to take extra care and arrange them patiently. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who likes Spring Onion stardew?
Ans. Harvey, Leah, and Linus like Spring onion stardew.

Q2. How do you harvest Spring Onion Stardew?
Ans. The player gains 3 Foraging XP for harvesting a Sdv Spring Onion. Spring onions can only be picked once per plant; the Gatherer profession does not apply to them. After earning 8 hearts of friendship from Jas and Vincent, the player can achieve Spring Onion Mastery, which permanently enhances the selling price of Spring Onions by 5.

Q3. Does spring onion regrow after cutting?
Ans. Spring onions grow so quickly that you can see their stems lengthen from the chopped tops the next day! The new shoots should get long and large enough to harvest after around 3 weeks to a month.

Q4. What is the highest-selling crop Stardew spring?
Ans. Strawberries are, by far, the best spring harvest! They are 100 gold cost at the Spring Egg Festival. To get the most of these seeds, players need to get them and store them for the next spring season. Once harvested, they can be sold for 120-240 gold depending on quality.

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